Getting Ready for Gathering 2016 !!

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Comedian Charlie Ballard's mother, Beulah, is back on the powwow trail getting ready for the Gathering of Nations Powwow 2016 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Beulah is returning to GON for the 3rd straight year with he... Read more »

Preparing an Easy Thanksgiving Dinner !!

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Preparing a Thanksgiving dinner can be pretty brutal if you're making everything from scratch, here are a couple short cuts on getting the job done without all the hassle. Lets take a quick look into the preparatio... Read more »

How can the Pow Wow Calendar be improved? – Pow Wow Calendar Survey

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The Pow Wow Calendar on is one of our most popular features.  About two years ago the calendar had a major upgrade.  We are continuing to make improvements and add new features. We need your help! Le... Read more »

Winter Time Blues

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The holiday season is over. The eggnog is all gone. The pretty Christmas tree all put away. The cookies have been eaten. The gifts are unwrapped. The New Year’s powwows are over. It’s safe to say some of us Powwow Mom... Read more »

The Ultimate Powwow Pony

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Remember the movie “Powwow Highway?”  My favorite part was the beginning when Philbert got his new pony.  We can all relate to those ponies because we grew up with them and they are still chugging around today, all ru... Read more »

I Remember Pow Wows…Remember When…

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 As I approach my 53rd birthday near the end of this year, I’ve been reflecting that I’m really not THAT old, but sometimes I think I am, particularly when I think of how much things have changed in the powwow world. ... Read more »

Dancing Our Traditions

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Happy Middle of summer!  Happy Pow-wowing!! This powwow mom has been one busy lady!   I am a director for a powwow dance troupe located in California.  And we have been rehearsing for the State Fair.  We were selec... Read more »

It’s Pow Wow Time – Spring Touch-ups!

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The sun is shining. The grass is green. The weather is warm. What can this all mean? It indicates that POW-WOW season is starting!! What a warm and exciting time!!! Of course, that means that the se... Read more »
Pow Wow Mom's

Dedicated to Moms Everywhere

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This blog is dedicated to all Moms everywhere. Right now, go look in a mirror and say, “Ho-lah, you are BEAUTIFUL and AWESOME!” Now go tell your Mom, or call her (texting, Facebooking, or Tweeting doesn’t count), and ... Read more »
Pow Wow Etiquette

Pow Wow Etiquette Tips for First Time Pow Wow Visitors

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Pow Wow Etiquette has been handed down to know these things as children when we went to the pow wows and it was always explained that , if we had no-nnative friends tagging along, these were the 4 most important rules... Read more »
Pow Wow Photos Tips

Shoot Low – Pow Wow Photo Tips

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Pow Wow season has started. Time for everyone to snap photos of friends and family. Use our series of Pow Wow Photo tips to make your Pow Wow photos more dramatic! Today's tip - Get Low! Try photographing ... Read more »

Craft Contest at Jo-Ann Fabrics

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Calling all crafters!  Here's an online contest just for us! Let's have a Pow Wow'er win this! Jo-Ann Fabrics new contest - Create with 8! Choose 8 crafting supplies from our list of 20 Shop Jo-Ann to ... Read more »

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