Pow Wows In Your State – Pow Wow Calendar – Native American Pow Wows

Pow Wows In Your State – Pow Wow Calendar – Native American Pow Wows

Posted By Paul G April 15th, 2018 Last Updated on: October 31st, 2020

The Pow Wow Calendar on PowWows.com lists thousands of Native American events across the United States and Canada.

You can find them in your state!  

Find one near you by using the Pow Wow Calendar.

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82 thoughts on “Pow Wows In Your State – Pow Wow Calendar – Native American Pow Wows

  1. Recommended Video, osiyo for sharing all videos, I love the different dances and love to watch, I really miss my powwows, this year,wado

  2. How can a powwow be listed here. We have one in september 27-29, 2019and that weekend every year. It is the Gathering of the People Steve Witt Memorial Powwow in terre Haute Indiana

  3. Vic Rodjam says:

    I’D like to visit Pow Wow ,please give me the schedule for this month or next month.

  4. Mark Joseph Roberts says:

    I am Choctaw/cajon, my Mom was Duplantis, (cajon). My dad was Robert Roberts (Choctaw). I was in children’s home in Itasca, Texas, ran away at 17yrs.old,to die in Vietnam. That didn’t happen. LoL!!! I have 6 grands and 4 great grands, how do I show them our heritage when there is none for me?

  5. Donna (Haskins)Jenkins says:

    I am interested in my Native American heritage; Blackfoot (paternal Haskins)and Cherokee (maternal Austin or Graham) Once I understand my heritage, I will be able to explain to my offspring where they originate.

  6. How do we advertise on the wesite, we just became distrubutors for satallite internet and home security.
    We are hiring native sales and installer to go to all the rural tribes and provide services, so the next generation can connect with grants and funds to improve our nations lives, they can get a college education from home or attend the college of choice, find employment and help the elders get off of addictive slavery substances.

  7. Patricia Cook says:

    I was under the impression that there was going to be a powwow in April located in Hollister, N.C.
    The Halliwa Saponi powwow, But I can’t find it in the calendar. Is this powwow going to happen?

  8. The Stone Mt. POW WoW was excellent! I took a class there. It was very informative with lots of activities for everyone. Great presentations everywhere. I will go again.

  9. Lynda Brewer says:

    I understand that I can find out the percentage of Native American blood I have through a post on this site. If that is true, can you tell me which one it is. I know I have several Cherokee ancestors.

  10. MAXINE RICH says:

    I would like to know when r u gonna have a pow pow in ILLINOIS south of Chicago??? I and my friends want to come to it and ive been to them before , and u guys do an awesome job
    please let me know
    thank u
    Maxine Rich

  11. Joyce Hunt says:

    I just found out that I am Choctaw and I would like to know when are they going to have powwow in my state which is Ypsilanti Michigan thank you very much

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