Natives Don’t Have Bad Hair Days – Care For Your Braids

Natives Don’t Have Bad Hair Days – Care For Your Braids

Posted By Ruth Swaney January 28th, 2013 Last Updated on: January 10th, 2022

As Native American people, we take pride in our hair. It reflects our cultural identity, our values, and our beliefs. But do you ever wonder about the best way to care for your braids?

In the old days when most of our people wore their traditional hairstyles, there were amazing creations and enhancements. Some were for practicality, others were decorative and others were ceremonial. As I see pictures from long ago, I have to remember that our ancestors were using traditional products of the day and not today’s shampoos, conditioners, mousses, gels, and hairsprays nor curling irons, straightening irons, and blow dryers.

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What also amazes me is the volume and color of our indigenous ancestors’ hair even among the aged. One lady of our Bitterroot Salish people believed that you should only wash your hair in a flowing stream (usually icy cold year-round) and never in a basin or tub and that would ensure long, thick, hair which hers most definitely was. And there are many historic photographs of middle-aged and older Native American people who seem to have no gray hair, either!

I’ve come to the theory—and professional hairstylists might agree with me—that part of the reason our ancestors’ hair was so magnificent and stayed that way was that they didn't wash, comb, and fuss with it every day. In addition, the natural products they may have used such as greases and earth-based paints actually served to hydrate and nourish it. Keeping the hair braided and wrapped such as with animal furs, strips of cloth or ribbon further protected the hair from dirt and damage.

I was watching an infomercial for the product Wen. It’s a pretty simple pitch: Don’t use shampoo on your hair because it will dry it and that leads to dullness and breakage. By the way, hair that keeps breaking at the root will weaken the follicle until—here it comes—the hair that is produced has no pigment, and in other words, is white or gray.

Over the years I’ve been in awe of how powwow dancers can produce perfect hairstyles that can last through sun, wind, rain, and of course, dancing. It helps that most Native American people, especially powwow dancers, have abundant hair. But it takes much skill and practice to correctly fashion it whether for males or females. Look around the next powwow and you’ll see dozens of hands deftly braiding. Some people can do their own, like my daughter, who has enough hair for three people I swear. And some have to rely on others to get the smooth, tight, stay-together look that is the crown jewel of the perfect regalia.

Beginning in the 1980s, French braids emerged as a trend for female dancers and I myself wore them because I had a short, layered haircut. Today we are seeing a return to the more traditional styles and more indigenous women and men are growing their hair long and keeping it that way.

Whatever style you’re using for pow wow dancing, it's important to care for your braids with quality products. Here are a few favorites based on my unscientific survey:

  • O.B., a 40-something Indian woman with long, thin hair swears by Vaseline. Not one hair gets out of place when you use that, trust me. It’s also good for boys because they usually don’t like girlie products like gel or hairspray.
  • N.K., a 30-something Indian woman with medium-length, layered hair uses Aussie Instant Freeze hairspray. She claims this will stand up even to the wind in Browning, MT.
  • R.F., a 25-year-old Indian man, uses Garnier putty to tame his waist-length, thick hair that is usually in two braids.
  • F.P., a 33-year-old Indian woman with thick, fine hair uses Suave and White Rain hairspray.
  • P.P., a 63-year-old Indian man uses “hair glue”. Don’t ask me where you buy that!
  • C.A., a 25-year-old Indian woman with very thick hair uses Herbal Essence spray gel.
  • M.A., a 28-year-old Indian woman with very thick hair uses Herbal Essence Touchably Smooth Anti-Friz Crème and Herbal Essence Max Hold hairspray. This is preceded by blow-drying with a Revlon ionic dryer and a Ginalli tourmaline ceramic straightener which, she says, “makes my hair awesome”.
  • My personal favorites for my long, dry Indigenous hair are Got2b defiant pomade and V05.

Now go practice braiding and don't forget to care for your braids!

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Thank you for this article. The hair of my four year old boy twins is long and beautiful, and I am looking for ways to keep it as such. They do have indigenous ancestry (probably Taino of Puerto Rico), and I often show them photos and videos of Native men with long hair because I’d like for them to be proud of their hair.


Can you please provide this picture at full pixel? I would like to make a t-shirt for my son with this photo on it and saying something about Native men and long hair. It would help educate and make it known that we wear long hair to others. It would be appreciated!

Paul G

You would need to talk to the photographer before using it that way.

Ruth Swaney

This photo is my Facebook friend’s, Levi Blackwolf. You need his permission to use the photo. I’m glad you liked the photo! Search for Levi Blackwolf on Facebook and you will find him.

Carlos Escalante

I am a native Pipil & Lenca from Central America. Our tribes do not accustom to grow our hair. But in solidarity and mourning of our ancestors that fought the mass genocide so we could be here today, I grow my hair for ALL tribes. I make a semi creamy mixture of Shea butter and castor oil or Argan oil. I apply the Mix when my hair is still damp. I have dandruff during cold weather for some reason and applying the castor oil directly to scalp via dropper does the trick.

I am a heavy sweater so I tend to wash my hair everyday and using this mixture has kept my hair healthy. As if I don’t wash it everyday.

Standing Flower

I stumbled across this site because I am searching for Indigenous hair products for thick curly medium length hair tips.


After study a couple of of the blog posts on your website now, and I actually like your way of blogging. I bookmarked it to my bookmark website list and will probably be checking back soon. Pls try my website as nicely and let me know what you think.


I am 56 and just finding out that I am part Native American. I so appreciate this article and this is the first time I have been on this website. my hair has always been long and at times in my life cut it short, regrettably, but now have been letting it grow long again….


I’m 13 and have really wavy and curly hair, I’m half black and half Native American I’ve been putting vitamin e oil and Vaseline in ,your hair and it keeps my hair soft and shiny

Ruth Amelung

Hi everyone! Do you use Echinacea at all as a natural remedy for stronger hair? Does it work? Keen for any tips!

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Marnie Johnson

This article was very informative & the suggestions on healthy haircare were helpful as well!

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