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What Is a Native American Round Dance? History, Music, & Meaning

All across North America, Native American nations have come together to perform various round dances throughout the ages. Usually held during the colder autumn and winter months indoors, they have been used as a central focus of various gatherings designed for socialization and community building. Understanding the meaning of round...

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Native American Foods Throughout The United States

From acorn bread to fry bread, succotash to beef stew, Native American cuisine has been a staple in homes across America for centuries. Today, these traditional dishes are still consumed in homes and restaurants throughout the country, some stick to the classic recipes, and some put a modern twist on...

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My Top 5 Favorite Native American Actors

It is no secret that Native Americans have had a rough history, filled with segregation, hate, and discrimination. For a long time, Hollywood films represented Native Americans unfavorably, representing them in marginalized and inaccurate behavior. Indian filmmakers and Native American actors had to fight to develop an artistic voice for...

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