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Am I Native American?

Many people in the US and Canada have at least one Indian ancestral line in their family.   Many people grew up hearing the family legend about a family member that was Native American. 

Proving that legend to be true or false can be tough.  Starting your search on Native American Genealogy can be very challenging.

Use our resources below to start searching your family history.

Shop Native

Shop Native is a directory of Native-owned businesses and products.  Support our Native people by browsing Native foods, clothing, art, crafts and more!

Native American Travel Resources

Add Native American cultural destinations to your travel. Delve into expertly curated travel guides, providing valuable insights into destinations, landmarks, and cultural events, ensuring a meaningful and informed exploration of Native American heritage and traditions.

Making Native American Crafts features a variety of Craft Tutorials ranging from Dream Catchers to Pow Wow Bustles. You can also explore our favorite craft suppliers before getting started!

Native American Information

for Students and Teachers

Explore educational resources for students and teachers, designed to help you learn more about pow wows as well as Native American life, culture, and heritage.

Native Talent

Native Talent at is the place to promote Native American musicians, artists, Pow Wow staff and more.

Native American Books and Authors

Immerse yourself in the rich history of Native American culture through the voices of its most captivating storytellers. Find a diverse range of books by Native American authors, celebrating the heritage, traditions, and contemporary experiences of Indigenous peoples.

Pow Wow Radio – Stream All Pow Wow All The Time

With over 1,500 songs, you can listen to hours of Pow Wow music. Enjoy your source for the best Pow Wow Music!

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