Excuse Me, That’s My Beadwork!

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We’ve heard the story time and time again in Indian country: Stolen beadwork, stolen eagle feathers, even entire outfits stolen. Since my family just had this unfortunate experience, it must be a sign to talk about it. In the old days, my tribes’ warriors sometimes took the clothing and weapons….

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White Men Can’t Dance?

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Last summer at one of the many powwows I attended, a lady entered the Golden Age contest category and placed. I am acquainted with her and I didn’t think anything of it. Then some people started commenting negatively about it. The reason? She’s not Indian—or more correctly, it was assumed….

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The Ultimate Powwow Pony

| 1 Comment on The Ultimate Powwow Pony

Remember the movie “Powwow Highway?”  My favorite part was the beginning when Philbert got his new pony.  We can all relate to those ponies because we grew up with them and they are still chugging around today, all rust and mismatched tires. I’m a car enthusiast.  That’s a polite way….

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I Remember Pow Wows…Remember When…

/ | 10 Comments on I Remember Pow Wows…Remember When…

 As I approach my 53rd birthday near the end of this year, I’ve been reflecting that I’m really not THAT old, but sometimes I think I am, particularly when I think of how much things have changed in the powwow world. A few decades ago, powwows were becoming somewhat of….

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Pow Wow Mom's

Dedicated to Moms Everywhere

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This blog is dedicated to all Moms everywhere. Right now, go look in a mirror and say, “Ho-lah, you are BEAUTIFUL and AWESOME!” Now go tell your Mom, or call her (texting, Facebooking, or Tweeting doesn’t count), and tell her how beautiful and awesome she is. And if she has….

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Natives Don’t Have Bad Hair Days – Care For Your Braids – Native American Pow Wows

/ | 59 Comments on Natives Don’t Have Bad Hair Days – Care For Your Braids – Native American Pow Wows

As Native people, we take pride in our hair. It portrays our cultural identity, our values, and our beliefs. In the old days when most of our people wore their traditional hairstyles, there were amazing creations and enhancements. Some were for practicality, others were decorative and others were ceremonial. As….

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Welcome to Fantasy Powwow

/ | 4 Comments on Welcome to Fantasy Powwow

We’ve just returned from the He Sapa Wacipi Na Oskate in Rapid City, South Dakota.  It was a 1500 mile roundtrip for me but well worth the time spent with my grandsons (who live a few hundred miles away), daughter, and other powwow friends. I’d been thinking about my next….

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In the Powwow Off-Season

| 9 Comments on In the Powwow Off-Season

Summer is officially over and that means the end of my powwow season because the kids are back in school.  By fall I start thinking about repairing regalia, starting new beadwork, checking on hide tanners after the start of hunting season, and scouting for end of the season bargains on….

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4 Tips for Eating Well at Pow Wows

/ | 11 Comments on 4 Tips for Eating Well at Pow Wows

As a mom of two and a grandmother of four, it’s an eternal challenge to eat reasonably at powwows! Especially when you’re not camping with a full kitchen for all the cooking.  First there’s the nutritional and healthy challenge.  Next there’s the financial challenge.  And then there’s the time and….

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You Don’t Have to Be a Pack Horse Any More!

/ | 2 Comments on You Don’t Have to Be a Pack Horse Any More!

For the last 30 years, I’ve been traveling to different powwows around the western United States and a bit into British Columbia and Alberta, Canada.  Now that I have two grown daughters who each have two small children, it’s become quite a challenge getting everything to and from the powwow….

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