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45 Comments on “Contact Us”

  • Avatar for Goat



    Does anyone know how to take down a powwow listed that is misleading and won’t be taking place

    • Avatar for Paul G

      Paul G


      Email us.

  • Avatar for Bob Waram

    Bob Waram


    I heard the tail end of a radio advertisement regarding the a local to me, .I think, PowWow on June 21st at maybe Saugeen or Chipewa. In south western Ont or on the western side of the Bruce Pennisula.

  • Avatar for Edie Diana

    Edie Diana


    In checking your Pow Wow scheduled events, there are no Pow Wows scheduled in New Jersey. There is a location in New Jersey that would be a perfect place to have a Pow Wow and Native American Dancing and Singing Concerts which is the Williams Center. It is an entertainment complex located Rutherford, NJ next to the Meadow Lands. The Williams Center is an arts center and cinema complex located in downtown Rutherford, NJ build April 1922, which was a popular stop in the vaudeville circuit. Acts such as Abbott and Costello and Buster Keaton, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., and the Glenn Miller Orchestra performed under the theater’s signature chandelier made of 62,000 Czechoslovakian crystals, which created the amazing energy you feel while walking into the lobby and entertainment complex. There are 642 fixed seats, and a general admission section that can hold hundreds more. It is only about 10 miles from Manhattan, and it would be a very low cost production. Also, among the artists who have performed on its stage are the cellist, Yo Yo Ma, and the folk singer, Pete Seeger.

    The Williams Center has everything needed to assure it will be a magnificent Pow Wow and to educate the importance of the Native American culture.

    I am a volunteer at The Williams Center and know the people who oversee the facility. It would be a pleasure to assist you.

    Also, The Williams Center is hosting a Film Festival. If there is a film you would like to submit. Here is the link: Rutherford Film Festival – FilmFreeway

    Please pass this information to anyone who may want to have their event at The Williams Center. Please respond and let me know what you think about my suggestion. Thank you for your consideration.

    Warm regards,

    Edie Diana

    • Avatar for Paul G

      Paul G


      Pow Wows are organized differently than other events.

      Each Pow Wow is run by an independent group. Pow Wows don’t have a tour with the same organizers at each city. Every Pow Wow is separate and their own event.

      You can read more about how Pow Wows are organized here:

      However, you can hire Native performers to come to your location. There are many dancers, singers, and other performers that travel around the world.

      We have a directory here:

      Paul G

  • Avatar for Ms Rita

    Ms Rita


    Hello Our Annual Compton Christmas Parade will Love for your group to be a part of this event Saturday December 9,2023.
    Your response is very important .

    Ms Rita

    • Avatar for Carolyn Linker Sunrise Tabbyyetchy

      Carolyn Linker Sunrise Tabbyyetchy


      Compton I live in Compton as well I’m a decendent of quanah parker are you inquiring for a pow wow dancer

  • Avatar for pascal



    Hello everyone, I will travel to the Pow Wow on Manitoulin island from aug 4th to aug 7th but I don’t find any specific informations about it on this webiste. Can you please help me. Thanks, Pascal

    • Avatar for Tracie



      Did you find anything? Pls share for future

  • Avatar for Angela Young

    Angela Young


    Can I please ask that you accept my little family Amanda, Camden and Jayden Young I am very proud of my family. Please pass along to family and friends as it takes a world to make it work.

    Thank you
    A Proud MOM

  • Avatar for gary lowhorn

    gary lowhorn


    do you have a catalog to purchase pow wow videos

  • Avatar for Faith



    I am looking for office/school supplies for my children and I. Myself for work and my children for school. I seen a site long time ago but now I cannot find anything besides stuff for making regalia and food😁. Any suggestions? Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • Avatar for Rebeccah Hastings


    My name is Becca Hastings, I am a Casting Producer with the Rescue Agency in San Diego, CA. We are casting a project for a new brand and are looking for authentic Native American / Indigenous talent in the southern California region. We are not looking for seasoned actors, but real people who would be comfortable on camera. This is a paid project, the rate is $1,200 for a day of work ($600/session + $600/usage rights).

    The brand that we will be working with is called Next Legends, they are a new Native American brand that aims to encourage Native teens and young adults to live a tobacco free lifestyle (except for in regards to religious or ceremonial use).

    I would love to send you more information on this project in the hopes that you would be willing to share it with your resources and potentially on your website. Please let me know if this sounds like something you might be willing to share.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Avatar for Carolyn Linker Sunrise Tabbyyetchy

      Carolyn Linker Sunrise Tabbyyetchy


      I’m a decendent of quanah parker great great grand daughter and a recognize Comanche member as well I live a Cali Los Angeles and I’m a split inmage of my grandfather

  • Avatar for Chris R

    Chris R


    Hello Mr. Jones,

    Thank you for the great job at the CCBC pow wow. I have volunteered at the event a few times to help my close friend Alex Gladis. 

    I am writing to ask if you know where/if a family tree type of documentation of Chipewa people may exists. I am helping a friend do research of his ancestry. He has two female realatives known to be Chieftains. One was named Celcilia and has a book written about her. My friend has done research but is challenged to find more information.

    Any contacts, resources, or local site information would be appreciated.

    Thank you,


    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

    • Avatar for Tracie



      In usa it is called chippewa but in canada its called ojibwe ojibway ojibwa all the same
      a lot from canada went to usa in depression times to find work ive heard.
      my granny who lived here ontario canada was born in Massechusettes , the family went out n returned.

      If you hear about tracing natives I’d like info too bc I’m having difficulty w a search too.

    • Avatar for Tracie



      Some chippewas come from M place , starts with M im having a brain fog im canadian its close to border of can. I believe and if you google brave hes popular on coins w 1 feather going sideways in hair hes from there i think n u cant miss him he did postcards
      and i think it saw one called chipewa village its like an old store

  • Avatar for Maria Matus

    Maria Matus


    How do I unsubscribe, please?
    This website does not have an unsubscribe button to click. It should be included like in all other websites.
    Please unsubscribe me.
    Thank you.

  • Avatar for Deon Goodgain

    Deon Goodgain


    I need help putting together a Bill something to put on the bill so that native Americans get 33% of all land sales

  • Avatar for Raynaldo Medina

    Raynaldo Medina


    How would i find out if i have Indian blood my grandma was Indian my fathers mother and if i am who can tell me i would appreciate it very well my name is raynaldo Medina my dad’s full name was santos Salazar medina.please help me with this.thank you so mush MyGod bless you

  • Avatar for Anita Walter

    Anita Walter


    Hello! I’m Anita Walter and I am a direct descendant of Chief Powhatan/Pocahontas and I want to contact the Powhatan Renape Indian Nation regarding tribal enrollment but I cannot actually get a hold of their up to date contact information. A few years back, the Powhatan Renape Indian Nation were relocated from their home on the Rancocus Indian Reservation but where they were relocated to and their contact information are unknown to me at this time. I have tried calling them at two phone numbers and sending emails to two email addresses but all of their contact information that is available is out dated and is from their old address on the Rancocus Indian Reservation. On the Powhatan Renape Nation’s website it states on the home page that the tribe continues to thrive and pass on the Powhatan Culture to the next generation in their new location, however as I mentioned earlier this new location is unknown to me at this time. If you have any idea or knowledge of them whatsoever and their contact information, or if you know anybody who you think might know please do not hesitate to let me know. I have already traced and proved my ancestry all the way back to Pocahontas’s grandparents and I desperately want to reconnect with my ancestor’s people. I am also of Cherokee descent through several blood lines from Kentucky, and possibly Tennessee. I appreciate your help and time. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon! Thank you!

  • Avatar for carlos runningwol mendoza

    Chihene nde non-profit group of New mexico
    Is not welcome ……at the Chiricahua apache Mimbreno Nde nation Powowow event in Calif, and refuse to approval to the event
    this is a inter tribal event..the police will remove them from this event {The nation has the right to refuse service ) to this group. and face a common law { Lien down of 1 / million } from this International common Law frist nation

    Ctrbal Chief / Runningwolf

  • Avatar for Maja Milanovic

    Maja Milanovic


    I am Maja Milanovic from YYZ Translation agency based in Toronto. We are looking for translators or native speakers of the following languages:
    Choctaw, Apache, Inuktitute, Navajo, Ojibwe, Lutshootseed, Seneca and Lakota.
    I will really appreciate if you can help me to find speakers of any of these languages and we would set up a stable cooperation with them and pay for the service, of course.
    [email protected]

  • Avatar for Daryl Porn

    Daryl Porn


    Thank you for all the information you provide. I was wondering if you have any info on tribes in CT. RI I know there is one tribe in Norwich CT there tribes land is there.

  • Avatar for Running Doe

    osiyo please change my email adress

  • Avatar for amy j cassidy

    amy j cassidy


    WE are in search of a Pow Wow group to perform at our county fair in July, are there any groups that do this kind of thing? If so can you please email me contact information. [email protected]

  • Avatar for Aiyana Graham

    Aiyana Graham


    Hi guys I’m 10 yrs old and I just was crowned little miss Edisto or Kusso Natchez Princess I danced very hard and professionally so I just wanted u guys to know thx.

    • Avatar for Paul G

      Paul G



    • Avatar for sarah p. atlas

      sarah p. atlas


      that is great keep up the good work and keep on dancing

    • Avatar for Tracie



      Good for you princess enjoy it all.

  • Avatar for Tatyana Vivica

    Tatyana Vivica


    I am in need of help with my senior project. I live in Willits Ca (95490) I am from Sherwood Valley Band Of The Pomo Indians and would like to inform the willits people about us Native Americans I am looking for Guest Speakers, Elders, and Dancers of All Kinds!! My Idea was to have workshops at My school (Willits High School) and at the end of the day have an Innertribal/ friendship dance including lunch (indian tacos) if you can help me in anyway that would be so awesome!!!!! Thank you all so much in advance!
    contact me @
    Cell: 707-513-7249
    Email: [email protected]
    Instagram: tatyana.vivica

  • Avatar for Kimberly Smith

    Kimberly Smith


    I am Cherokee Indiana want be part of gathering and stay in touch with my people.

    • Avatar for Joan Van Aernam

      I just posted a letter wanting to talk to someone about our family. I cannot begin to tell u how many years ago that the Lady Chief came to our town ( DeQuincy , La. ) about signing up.

      We have all of our heritage information, pictures, dates, marriages, children from marriages and deaths. I know there is a lot more on this form. We were told where to go and sign up . In fact the man happened to live right down street from me.

      We do have the proof of belonging to the Cherokee Tribe. I cut out the newspaper articles where the meeting hall office was. My husband took me up to see Chief Womack about 1-2 years ago . She asked me if I ever got any of the monthly newsletters. I had no idea what she was talking about. She asked if I ever received a card and showed me hers- no. She looked in the roll book and of course the people I named were not listed. She started saying that they could have been in the fire.
      She went on to explain that in January ? Their was going to be a tribal meeting ( I think in Washington) this was to decide if to keep the roll books open or to close them.
      I left my name ,address,ph number along with the e- mail address. Today at this date, I have yet to hear anything from anyone.

      I along with the rest of the group feel like we have been tossed to the wind. We paid the first $25.00 For each of our family member , never receiving any newsletters where we were to continue paying this yearly. I told her we would have gladly sent this in and helped out in anyway we could,but to no avail. We saw where they are trying to build a new building down the road.
      Please excuse my spelling as I only have partial sight in one eye.

      If someone could give me a proper answer as to why we can not be excepted. This classifying us as Indian when they ask our children in schools, also when we buy license plates.
      Our family in starting out would be more than happy to work concession stands, be runners if need be. I think I have said all I can now maybe u can reply to me.

      Joan Van Aernam
      POBox 147 DeQuincy, la.
      [email protected]

    • Avatar for Jenelyn Acob

      Jenelyn Acob


      I need Cherokee speakers for our Cherokee Language project.

    • Avatar for christopher g wren

      christopher g wren


      I see this post from last year. Not sure if you are in INDIANA , or if you are saying you are Cherokee Indian. We have a PowWow in DAYTON Tennessee, 231 chickamauga Drive, Point Park. September 9-10-2017

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