Preparing an Easy Thanksgiving Dinner !!

Preparing an Easy Thanksgiving Dinner !!

Preparing a Thanksgiving dinner can be pretty brutal if you're making everything from scratch, here are a couple short cuts on getting the job done without all the hassle.

Lets take a quick look into the preparation that my mom put into making an, “easy” , great tasting Thanksgiving dinner!

1) Getting those potato's ready!

Pretty much my mom said, “go shop for whatever you want to eat”.

So because I despise eating mashed potato's from the box I opted for the little red & white potato's, together with a little bit of heavy cream and 1/2 stick of butter: voila maison de purée. <– thats French for, “see there, homemade mashed potato's” !! (20 minutes cooking time)


2) TurkeyGravy  !!!  This year we choose not to bake a turkey but instead, get one already cooked from KFC.  Last year, we went to youtube and searched, “How to Bake a Turkey” , the result was fantastic, this year, we wanted to skip all the prep and let someone else do the cooking.  For years I kept seeing the Deep Fried Cajun Turkey sign at our local KFC and this year I gave it try, it was totally worth it.  Soooooo good! (5 minute drive to pick it up)  Since we didn't have turkey stock to make gravy from, my mom went with 2 McCormick turkey sauce packets & 2 chicken broth cans from Safeway.  Mmmmmm….. just as good. (15 minutes simmering)



3) Side dishes.  While I was shopping, I said to myself, “look for easy items to make” , well really I said to myself, “look for easy items for my mom to make” , and heres what I came up with. a) I was really lucky to get the last of the corn ears at the grocery store, I guess corn is popular around this time of year. (10 minutes boiling) b) I also picked up a couple cans of Pillsbury Easy Bake Muffins. (10 minutes baking)  c) As I was cruising the veggie aisle, these asparagus stalks were just screaming to me, “buy me, buy me”  ! (10 minutes baking) d) The stuffing was made from a box of bread crumbs and a medium container of, “ready to mix stuffing” , filled with ingredients such as celery, onions, parsley, butter, thyme & rosemary.  We added one beaten egg & some chicken broth for good measure. (25 minutes baking) e) I prefer fresh cranberry sauce to canned cranberry sauce so we used fresh cranberries, just one bag, add sugar, boom & your done. (20 minutes simmering)


4) Dinner is served! Heres what it look like as it all came together!


5) Left overs! Because Natives aren't wasteful people, heres our left over turkey bag which will most likely turn into a turkey sandwich, turkey ala king, turkey salad and probably a turkey pot pie too.


6) Mom. My ma recently subscribed to an online Anishnabe language program, shes receives one email a day from our tribal language, so this is from her to all of you.

Me-Gwetch Wen-dami-daa,

 which means, “lets be thankful” . #aho


All of us here at hope ya'll continue to have a blessed happy holidays! Eat lots and try not to argue with your family. #happyholidays #nativeheritagemonth

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