Winter Time Blues

Posted By Shawnee Bear January 15th, 2014 Last Updated on: January 15th, 2014

The holiday season is over. The eggnog is all gone. The pretty Christmas tree all put away. The cookies have been eaten. The gifts are unwrapped. The New Year’s powwows are over. It’s safe to say some of us Powwow Mom’s have the Post Christmas/Holiday blues.

As a powwow mom, I bought one of my boys a new grass dance suit. The other boy got a new Fancy Dance suit. And both boys got new bells and shags. These new outfits were worn at the new years powwow.

Now that it’s January, and here in Cali – powwow season is in full hibernation. I know I’m not the only person – powwow mom or not who has the powwow blues. I was just wishing on Saturday that there was a powwow to go to – or a round dance – or a hand game tournament – or something to go to. But as with all things, we do need a break.

Sometimes we need a break whether we want it or not! And I don’t want the break! (haha) but it is Good to reconnect with family and do all the household chores and start sewing and beading again for the upcoming season.

So how do you beat these midwinter blues?

Do you watch youtube videos on Pow Wow TV?

Do you practice to CD's or Pow Wow Radio?

Help this blue powwow mom out!

Let me know – I will look forward to all your responses.

Love – a cali powwow mom

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Love this it is beautiful

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