Welcome to Fantasy Powwow

Welcome to Fantasy Powwow

We’ve just returned from the He Sapa Wacipi Na Oskate in Rapid City, South Dakota.  It was a 1500 mile roundtrip for me but well worth the time spent with my grandsons (who live a few hundred miles away), daughter, and other powwow friends.

I’d been thinking about my next blog and an idea for “Fantasy Powwow” came to mind:

At outdoor powwows, the campgrounds are lush green grass with reserved parking for your vehicles, your own fresh water pump, and a security fence for the babies.  The Powwow Committee sends hardworking young men to erect your tipi or tent, shade, or set up your camp trailer.  These young men are  single, well-built and handsome, and were raised in a respectful way by their grandmothers.

At indoor powwows, you pull up to the door and  well-built and handsome young men unload all your belongings (one will park the vehicle afterward), escort the elders to their reserved seats, corral the kids, and invite you to pick out seating that is convenient to bathrooms, dressing rooms, and the arena.  These young men will reappear when you’re ready to leave, pack up everything and bring it to your vehicle which is parked at the doorway.

The hotel room has 4 beds, 2 bathrooms, and least a dozen towels.  The buffet breakfast lasts until 11am.  The front desk tells you to check out any time before 4pm, and that they sure enjoyed the 49 singing last night.  You are stoked that your room is right next to the host drum, Midnite Express.

The Powwow Committee’s tabulators, upon hearing that you were detained, had car trouble, missed the freeway exit, took the wrong turn, got lost, etc., smile and say, “Don’t worry, missing Grand Entry isn’t a problem.  We know how hectic things can be!”

The Arena Director/Head Judge will pick at least half the judges who are your close friends/relatives.

The singing groups are hard-singing, handsome and beautiful and they will sing the most awesome songs that make you give it your all during the contest, and you will NOT EVER miss the stops.

Tiny Tot dancers are paid $20 each session because they are so precious and cute.

Everything will run on time unless you need a reprieve for some reason, in which case things will happen exactly when you are ready.

If you have a malfunction of your regalia, there is a complimentary repair stand complete with experts who have all the materials and items necessary to get you back on the dance floor.

People with kids will receive  assistance to braid hair, put on regalia, change diapers, feed, and put down for naps while Mom/Dad/Grandma/Grandpa get ready.  These helpers will be available to you all throughout the powwow and by the end of the first day, your kids are calling them “Auntie” or “Uncle”.

The food at the concession stands is less of the high-calorie, high-fat variety and more of the healthier, traditional kind like berry soup and buffalo stew.  The prices don’t make you think that you bought the concession stand instead of just one meal.

At the powwow there is at least one famous Indian person that you’ve been dying to meet, and he/she just happens to be sitting near you and strikes up a conversation.  Even better, the local news captures a photo of you and him/her and it’s on the front page the next day:  “Eddie Spears and friend enjoy a moment at He Sapa Wacipi”.

Welcome to My Fantasy Powwow!

What's your Fantasy Pow Wow?

4 Comments on “Welcome to Fantasy Powwow”

  • Avatar for Loreana Wrench

    Loreana Wrench


    My fantasy powwow would be 72F perfect lighting even at night. Many dancers of all ages who want me to paint portraits of them.

  • Avatar for Gabrielle Knife

    Gabrielle Knife


    lol…that WAS my Black Hills powwow!! haha jk jk

  • Avatar for Anishtiway



    My fantasy powwow would be to have all my children and grandchildren come up and dance with me, women’s traditional is what I used to dance have degenerative disc disease that is slowly robbing me of that. So I am keeping my hands busy with beadwork, selling it when I can. My grandkids some are here in Brandon and never come to visit. Many prayers that they all know that Kushi is praying for all of them.

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