My Ultimate Pow Wow Packing List

Posted By Krissy Poafpybitty-Apesanahkwat February 16th, 2013 Last Updated on: February 15th, 2013

Whenever we're off to a powwow I pull out my “Ultimate List.” This list keeps me organized and stress free! Well, almost stress free!

It would be naive of me to say that my Ultimate List meets everyone's personal needs but I believe I have compiled some essentials that hopefully combined with your list could make the task of packing a little easier.

Here are the items that I must have:

___Travel Itinerary (PW info for hotel/camping)
___Powwow Rig
___Cell Phone/Charger
___ Jacket
___ Pillow/Blanket
___ Chalk Rock (touch up buckskin)
___ Sac for dirty clothes
___ Chair

___Hair Elastics
___Bobbie Pins

These next items I store in an empty baby wipe box & I keep in my car all year round.
___Pain Relievers
___Sewing Kit
___Sharpie Pen
___Duck Tape
___Safety Pins
__Swiss Army Knife

___Tripod (if you have bustles)
___Stroller (if you have tiny tots)
___Cooler (food/drinks)
___ Portable DVD player is great for kids! ($47.98 online Walmart)

For me, having a list is a smart, relaxing, organized way to travel. Over the years I've surveyed a lot of dancers as to what's on their packing list because I'm always open to suggestions to alter mine. Just when I think I've compiled the Ultimate List – there comes a situation which requires another change!

Our summer powwowing was going great! My packing list was perfect! Until we traveled to a powwow in Tipton, Pa. My toddler became nauseous because of the winding mountainous roads and the unthinkable happened! Yes, his carseat needed to be washed immediately. My Ultimate List wasn't so ultimate! So now I travel with an extra car seat cover.

Could this be my “last” revision to my packing list? Or maybe just my “latest” revision!

Regardless, I Keep Calm and Powwow On!!

What's on your packing list? Share yours in the comments.

Krissy Poafpybitty-Apesanahkwat

Photo By Practical Hacks

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CL Brake

Don’t forget the sunscreen and a hat! ๐Ÿ™‚

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