Author: BrittanyLCerny

Gather – The Fight To Revitalize Our Native Foodways

The stunning documentary, Gather, follows four individuals as they share their experiences as natives and their plan to keep their culture alive while feeding and nourishing their communities. They are all in the midst of a cultural movement in hopes of reconnecting their Native communities to the somewhat lost heritage...

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Natives Behind the Scene and On the Screen

Finally! Native America is coming to a preschooler near you! Spirit Rangers, an animated Netflix series for preschool-aged children, will be a breath of fresh air, especially for those patiently waiting for there to be more Native American representation in the media.  The show, which doesn’t have an exact release...

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A Tik Tok Video Brings Arapaho Man Fame and Fortune

Nathan Apodaca, AKA Doggface42, is a part Mexican, part Northern Arapaho man whose video recently blew up Tik Tok and showed the kindness that people have in their hearts.  What is he famous for? Apodaca created a Tik Tok video of himself oh-so-casually gliding down a highway on his skateboard...

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Free Email Series: What to Expect at Your First Pow Wow