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50 Greetings in Native American Languages

Native American greetings to impress your friends and family! Did you know that at least 40% percent of the 7,000 languages used worldwide are endangered? Indigenous languages are much more vulnerable to endangerment for various reasons. For one, these languages are not taught in traditional schools, and oftentimes younger generations...

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Ojibwe Language Preservation Initiative Launches With Rosetta Stone

Ojibwe tribal members and descendants with a passion for the Ojibwe language have something to celebrate. The Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe has recently partnered with the language development software company Rosetta Stone to begin a language preservation initiative. Rosetta Stone is an award-winning platform that millions use and has...

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Waadookodaading – Ojibwe Language Immersion School

In this wonderful video, Wisconsin Media Lab and The Ways shows us how an Ojibwe immersion school integrates the tradition of sugaring into their curriculum. Keller Paap, a teacher, and Brooke Ammann, the school director, explain the importance of students learning Ojibwe language in this way. Waadookodaading Iskigamizigewin The winter...

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Mvskoke Language Featured on City Signs

I love seeing these signs in Native languages! It seems to be the trend with more and more communities installing signs with Indigenous words around Indian Country. Back in 2012, Ojibwe language signs were installed all throughout Bemidji, Minnesota. A recent post on the Okmulgee Main Street Facebook page shows...

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