How To Celebrate Native American Heritage Month

Posted By Charlie Ballard November 8th, 2015 Last Updated on: November 8th, 2015

Not everyone (Natives & Non-Natives) celebrate Native American Heritage Month.

Here are some ways to celebrate:

Visibility – Ask anyone what month of the year is designated for Native American Heritage Month and chances are people will look at you crazy, thats because the mainstream public honestly don't know, so heres an idea, if you're a parent ask your kids teacher to see if your kid can demonstrate any type of traditional art from your tribe for their class.  For example, an Anishnabe friend recently shared one of our traditional desserts with her class, so she served strawberries & blueberries to everyone, and to make it more modern, they added whip cream.

Read a Book by a Native Author –  Sherman Alexie, Vine Deloria Jr, N.Scott Momaday, Leslie Marmon Silko, Louise Eldrich, Joy Harjo, Simon J. Ortiz, Winona La Duke.


Go support a Native athlete! The hot ticket this season will be any basketball game with Bronson Koenig (Ho Chunk) – Guard, Jr., University of Wisconsin.  Last year they were a Final Four team, lets see if they can do it again!


Attend an event with a Native American theme! Go to the American Indian Film Festival, watch a Native play, go to ceremony, rally your friends & family and throw the biggest Thanksgiving dinner anyone has ever scene!


Go support any of your favorite Native Comedians – 1491's, Ladies of Native Comedy, Teresa Choyguha, James & Ernie, Tatanka Means, Adrianne Chalepah, Tonia Jo Hall, Marc Yaffee, Tito Ybarra, Vaughn Eagle Bear, Charlie Ballard. <— (hey, isn't that the guy who wrote this blog)


And of course Rock Your Mocs!

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