YouTube Influencer Lives the Native Life

YouTube Influencer Lives the Native Life

Youtube influencer, Markian, who calls himself a “third culture kid,” is making waves and getting likes on his popular channel. He's definitely not your average YouTuber. Instead of researching, interviewing, or blogging about a topic, he throws himself straight into the fire and literally experiences the lifestyle of ten different cultures to learn what it means to be an American. 

While gaining almost 550k subscribers and filming over a hundred videos since 2020, Markian has bolstered his social media reputation. He’s open-minded and vulnerable and shares raw, engaging, and entertaining footage of his cultural assimilation adventures. 

Talk about experiential learning!

A Native Family Welcomes Markian

On his channel, Markian recently posted his final three-part series, where he moves in with a Native American family, living their culture right alongside them. He experiences his first powwow in the second part and dances in one in the final video.

I Moved Into a Native American Family

In his first video, I Moved Into a Native American Family, he discovers what it truly means to be American. As Markian walks into the Native family’s house, Devan Kicknosway, the head of the household, jokingly says, “There’s a white guy in my house. We’re going to Indeginize him over the next few days.” Markian immediately finds out that Devan is a powwow champion and will soon introduce him to the world of powwow dance and competition. In the meantime, Markian learns about the symbolism and meaning behind various aspects of the Native culture, opening his eyes to a brand new world. It was apparent the experience humbled him.

Here are two reactions from his appreciative viewers:

  • As a Plains Cree from Canada, this warms my heart. You're such a respectful and lovely person, Markian <3.
  • I’m so glad you've made this series. I’ve always wanted to learn more about Native Americans and their beautiful culture. It seems so diverse, and it's so interesting to me. Natives seem so friendly and humorous, and I love that too.

Markian Heads To His First Pow Wow

I Experienced My First Native American Powwow

In Markain’s second video, I Experienced My First Native American Powwow, he immerses himself even more into the Native culture by joining Devan and his family in a powwow encounter he’ll never forget. Although Markian starts a bit anxious about not fitting in, Devan does a wonderful job making him feel welcome, especially since he’s quite the celebrity!

Devan has 20 years of powwow competition experience behind him, making him the perfect person to show Markian around. Throughout the day before the actual powwow begins, Markian learns how to make fry bread, scrapes hide to make leather for regalia, and gets into some shenanigans with Devan! Even though he is an outsider, he notices how warm and welcoming everyone is toward him. At the end of the video, Grand Entry which Devan partakes, begins. 

Viewers continued to enjoy and compliment Markian’s videos:

  • I'm Bulgarian, and I can't help but admire the Native American people and their culture. The only reason I'd ever want to visit the USA is to get to know these wonderful people better!
  • This is the Real American Culture!


The video I DANCED in a Native American Powwow shares Markian’s final powwow adventure, where he dresses in Devan’s regalia and dances in a powwow at the 57th annual Shoshone-Bannock Indian Festival. He ponders how Native people react to seeing a white stranger celebrating their culture.

“Appropriation at its finest,” he says half-jokingly. But it’s obvious Markian feels more confident with Devan by his side, who will teach him (quickly) how to dance and help get him dressed. Overall, the Native individuals interviewed by Devan and Markian about Markian wearing the regalia and dancing had a mixed view.

One man said it is fine as long as Markian wears it with pride and doesn’t mock their culture. Another woman thinks the regalia should be kept within the Native’s circle. Some words of wisdom gave Markian a different perspective on the issue and allowed him to appreciate the powwow experience even more. 

Want to know how the powwow went and how Markian’s Native adventure ended?

Watch and find out!

I DANCED In a Native American Powwow


Overall, these experiential videos give the world a different perspective on what it's like to be a part of another culture, and Markian achieved his goal. 

Do you want to stay up-to-date on Markian and his adventures outside his Youtube channel? Follow him on Facebook!

Check out Devan Kicknosway’s Youtube channel as well!


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