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Below is a list of resources you can use to learn more about pow wows on We hope you find all the information you need to explore this vibrant part of Native American life.

Pow Wow Information

Native American Information

Native American Indian Articles

Multimedia links

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11 Comments on “Resources for Scouts”

  • Avatar for Paul G

    Paul G


    Not sure what you are referring to?

  • Avatar for Valerie



    We need are looking for information about Native American event near us. We are located in Joliet IL and we need to fulfill this requirement for the boys. “Visit an Order of the Arrow dance ceremony or American Indian event within your community” There is no local Order of the Arrow dance team. I was wondering how I could possibly visit an event instead. Is there one upcoming.

  • Avatar for Wanda



    I am a cub scout leader and we will be having a crossover later in the year and would love to know more about the dress, dances and music. My ancestors are from Muskogee, OK and have been told all my life that I am part Cherokee but wouldn’t know where to begin to find out any fact to the matter if it’s true. Any suggestions?

    • Avatar for William



      Wanda, look up your ancester name on the Dawes rolls. This is the only Rolls reconized by the Government and the Tribes! Contact your Order of the Arrow Lodge in your council, These are actual Boy Scouts and would probably want to do the crossover! The crossover would like and feel better if done by Scouts rather then Adults!

  • Avatar for Bob brichin

    Bob brichin


    I love how your NovaSure ad covers up comments…
    cant that be minimized

    • Avatar for Paul G

      Paul G


      Thanks, we’ve fixed that problem.

  • Avatar for Sleeping Bear

    Sleeping Bear


    Wonderful idea, Paul. On behalf of the sincere admirers of Native culture amongst the Boy Scouts, I Thank You Very Much!

    • Avatar for Paul G

      Paul G


      Thanks! Please share with others!

  • Avatar for Tarl



    Excellent and informative

  • Avatar for rangerjim



    This is great information. Better education of our Scouts will prevent unintentional disrespect.

  • Avatar for wardancer



    Thanks Paul G , That’s a great index !

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