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Powwows.com, LLC was started in 1996 by Paul Gowder.  Today the site is one of the largest Native American sites online.

The following pages include information on pow wow dance styles and other pow wow information.  The descriptions are only ideals.  At pow wows today many dancers are not wearing exactly what is describe in these pages.  These pages are not meant to be “rules” for what to wear.  There is no right or wrong way. Dancers add their own style and taste to their outfits.  This is what makes their outfits unique.  These pages are just basic information about the different dances.

I have gathered this information from various sources.  These pages are an attempt to share with others some of the information I have learned and been given over the years.  I have received many wonderful emails from people, and I thank everyone for visiting these pages.  If you have information that you would like to add to the pages please let me know.

I have presented the information on the pages about Native American pow wows to share with others.  I am not trying to present this as the definitive facts on pow wows.  Different areas have different traditions and customs.  I am also not trying to present myself as an expert.  I am only sharing information that I have heard or been given over the years.

I hope you enjoy these pages.  Please let me know your comments.

The following people and groups have contributed to information to me and these pages.  I thank all of them for their teaching.

Carolina Indian Seminar
Kelli Gowder
George Hoyt
Jim Ross
Scott Alexander
James Campbell
Leslie Carpenter
Michael Hartnett
Louis Garcia
Paula Geese
Linda Holey
Robert Castleton
Drew Dowling
Dick Caldwell
Carl Miller
Jon Norris
Midlands Intertribal Empowerment Group
White Bear Society
Millard Clark
Dennis Thigh

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