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Interview – Jana Schmieding Lakota Actress From Peacock’s Rutherford Falls

Rutherford Falls,” Peacock TV‘s binge-worthy new show, manages to do something few ever have: bring multi-dimensional indigenous characters into an American sitcom. While Native Americans have historically been portrayed as monolithic in American film and TV, “Rutherford Falls” breaks the mold, taking Native Americans out of the box they're so often forced into....

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Read ‘Winter Counts’ — A Lakota Thriller

Now that summer is winding down, it's time to pass that beach book along to a friend and pick up something with more substance. If you’re eyeing something more informative, thrilling, and poignant, then "Winter Counts" needs to be added to your “must-read” list ASAP. LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW NOW...

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Deanna Standing Cloud – Female Pow Wow MC – Pow Wow Life Podcast Episode 33

Deanna Standing Cloud became one of the first females to Emcee at a Pow Wow in 2017.  In this episode, Deanna discusses her journey to the Pow Wow microphone.   Follow Deanna Instagram Youtube [spp-player url="https://traffic.libsyn.com/forcedn/powwowlife/Pow_Wow_Life_33_Deanna_Standing_Cloud_MIX.mp3" textabove="Pow Wow Life Episode 33" image=“https://www.powwows.com/wp-content/uploads/podcast_channel_artwork.jpg" title="Deanna Standing Cloud - Female Pow Wow MC"] Deanna...

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Adam Beach: Native American Actor Extraordinaire

Adam Beach is a well-known Native American actor, writer, producer, and philanthropist, He was born in Manitoba, grew up on the Dog Creek First Nation Reserve, and is Anishinaabe.  One meaning of Anishinaabe is “the good humans,” and Adam Beach is one of them, representing his fellow Natives and his...

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Mike Bone From Reservation Dogs

Lil Mike and Funny Bone will be guests on the show tonight. They appeared on America's Got Talent and now star in the hit show Reservation Dogs. LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW NOW Subscribe - SPOTIFY APPLE PODCAST Find out more about Mike Bone Website Instagram Bio - From Mike Bone...

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Free Email Series: What to Expect at Your First Pow Wow