Native American Representation in Resident Aliens

Native American Representation in Resident Aliens

Native Americans are subjected to stereotypes everywhere, and movies and TV shows are no exception. For decades, Hollywood didn't accurately portray the diverse cultures and experiences of Native peoples. Instead, they perpetuated stereotypical stories about Natives and cast Non-Native actors in Native roles. 

However, more and more Native American writers and producers are entering the industry to reclaim their narratives and bring authentic representation to the screen. One notable example of this shift can be seen in the latest show, “Resident Alien.”

What is Resident Alien?

Resident Alien is a sci-fi show based on a popular comic book from the 1960s. The storyline of this show is pretty impressive and revolves around an alien that comes to Earth with the aim of destroying it. He lands just North of the UTE reservation in Colorado and takes the appearance of a human doctor named Harry Vanderspeigle, who's serving the people of UTE. 

However, soon, he gets involed with solving the murder mystery of a fellow doctor and blends with the UTE people, especially making connections with Asta Twelvetrees (Sarah Tomko), who works as a head nurse at the local clinic. The movie was created by Chris Sheridan and produced by Jocko Productions, offering Native Americans the opportunity to showcase their true culture and community to the world. 

Role of Native Americans in Resident Alien

Although Resident Alien is a treat for people who love sci-fi, it's also popular for representing the Native Americans. The show starred Native Artists like Asta Twelvetrees (Sara Tomko) and her father, Dan (Gary Farmer). 

But that's not all—the show was written by Tazbah Rose Chavez, a native American and citizen of the Navajo Nation. She's the daughter of Valerie Taliman, who previously retired as the editor of Indian Country Today newspaper.  

The inclusion of two Native consultants to get authentic knowledge of the Native culture also ensured the show portrays Native traditions with sensitivities, avoiding stereotypes and misconceptions. 

Resident Alien is a comedy and adventurous show that gained attention due to its attempt to highlight the often marginalized and misrepresentation group – Native Americans.

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