2015 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow

Posted By Paul G September 3rd, 2014 Last Updated on: April 29th, 2015

2015 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow
North America's Largest Pow Wow
April 23-25, 2015
Albuquerque, New Mexico
University of New Mexico – The Pit

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Stories from the Gathering of Nations

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Gathering of Nations TV Commercial:

HEAD MAN DANCER: Juaquin Hamilton – Shawnee, OK
HEAD LADY DANCER: Tanksi Clairmont – Denver, CO
HEAD YOUNG MAN: George Gillette – Falls Church, VA
HEAD YOUNG LADY: Victory Randall – Sacramento, CA

NORTHERN DANCE JUDGE: Shirley Hill – Calgary, Alb.
SOUTHERN DANCE JUDGE: Bonnie Monoessy – Fletcher, OK
NORTHERN DRUM JUDGE: Jordan White-Eye – Walpole Island, Ont.

ARENA DIRECTORS: Randy Medicine Bear – Loveland, CO
George “Cricket” Shields – Shawnee, OK
ANNOUNCERS: Sammy “Tonkei” White – Anadarko, OK
Dennis Bowen, Sr. – Tuba City, AZ
Vince Beyl – Bemidji, MN
Ruben Little Head – Happy Flats, MT
(Roving) Jason Whitehouse – Madison Hts, MI
(Roving) Larry Yazzie – Tama, IA

INVITED DRUMS: Young Bear – Mandaree, ND -‘14 No. Champs
Thunder Hill – Weatherford, OK – ‘14 So. Champs
White Fish Bay – White Fish Bay, Ont.
Buc Wild – Chinle, AZ
Iron Boy – Prior Lake, MN

MISS INDIAN WORLD 2014-15: Taylor Thomas – Fort Hall, ID

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reyna Isabel barela

what kind of tribe has that blue blood and and I want to know


Four words: portable bamboo parquet floors

It’s Mother Earth – but indoors! for $2000, you store it away and roll it out every year.


Upon attending the few days at GON, I was dissatisfied with some statements from the MC and singers on words about sex. Almost every statement was directed to that word. Is that what we leave for others is Natives are just easy. The only real thing that was mentioned was by Mr. Shelly on staying married for 50 years to his wife and continue your education. Our people are more than sex objects, We are of beauty, we are to reflect beauty and we are to walk in beauty as a human race.


Hi , i am from Australia and have always loved the Native Indian culture and i have been told in my past life i was a squaw and belonged to a tribe and i went under Hypnosis to be told this and in my heart i have always felt more belonged to an Indian family. i was wondering does anyone out there know of any Native Indians living in Australia now , or that might attend any PowWows here as i would love to attend one. i adore everything about the culture and the love and want to learn more. Can anyone help me ?


I have a grandson I want to start him with his heritage and he is 2 and I want to him to start to fancy Dane where do I got his regelia


Jessie: You make the regalia. Not everyone buys their regalia and it is special to have handmade in your own family. You can find instructions all over the internet. Good luck to you.


I used to attend the big Powwow in Crow Agency, Montana. It is held for one week the 3rd week of August. Over 1,000 tepees, but lots of tents, campers, everything. Dancing is on ground. As a white person, I love when the announcer says everyone can dance. I have Native Americans in my family. They taught me to dance at this Powwoe. It used to be our traditional time to get together. I miss it.


I’ve been wanting to come to GON for a few years now. My wife is non native(white) and after reading Gillian’s “White Man” comment I’m concerned. Is this view common at GON? Naturally I would be concerned for her safety.


It seems like there have been some misunderstandings from both opposing views. Majority of the contest pow wows have Inter-tribal dances at different times throughout the sessions. This particular dance invites everyone(Natives & non-Natives) to dance as they are. That’s why you see people dancing wearing what they came to the pow wow in. It’s a time to dance to the music in however manner it moves you. A pow wow is suppose to be a social gathering. Now go & enjoy yourselves!


Just about the only criticism I can find against rez-style mocks (brain-tanned deer uppers & parfleche/rawhide lowers) is in wet weather, because rawhide soles tend to get real slippery. I’ve busted my a$$ twice in wet weather on rawhide. And I wasn’t juiced up, either. 🙂 Most of my mocks have been plain, without beads. I haven’t worn socks for years and the feet stay clean and healthy, unlike some of my friends who wear socks, boots, and shoes. The indians got it right.


Two comments:
1. Dancing on cement floors is very hard on your feet; cement has no “give”. It is even harder if you are dancing
in light shoes such as moccasins.
2. Light flexible shoes such as moccasins are easier to
dance in than heavy, rigid soled shoes or boots. Even
sneakers feel a bit “clunky” compared to moccasins unless
they are the special kind made for dancing.


3. Dancing barefoot unless you are on a prepared wooden
floor is dangerous–you can get blisters or floor burns.
4. Likewise dancing in socks, unless you are dancing on
carpeting is dangerous because you don’t have any traction
and can slip and slide all over the place.

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