Inside an Apache Ceremony to Womanhood

Inside an Apache Ceremony to Womanhood

Does your tribe have ceremonies that are sacred?

Broadly creates videos that help to educate it's viewers on cultures around the world. Their aim is to help others to see beauty in differences but also to understand that education is key.

Watch the video below to see how one tribe chose to share their ceremony with the world. Some feel very strongly about the privacy of ceremonies, so this topic is highly controversial within Native tribal communities with social media sharing so much of our personal lives. Watch the video below, and weigh in in the comment section.

Do you see benefits to sharing these ceremonies?



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5 Comments on “Inside an Apache Ceremony to Womanhood”

  • Avatar for Sunflower



    I was surprised to see this video and I’m glad to know it was made by the tribe. It showed just enough to teach us about this ceremony without too much detail- showing just a few moments out of a four day ceremony. Many traditions have been lost that we will never know about. We do need to be careful not to film/take pictures of sacred times like prayer and worship. Many times over the years we have had to stop visitors at powwow from doing this even though the MC announces not too. Two years ago I caught a local reporter taking pictures of a friend during a private prayer time in a place where we thought we were alone. We immediately confronted her and watched as she deleted the photos- and she was someone who knew better. I was approached by her at another powwow a year before asking to publish pictures she had already taken ( without my knowledge) of my four year old granddaughter and I as it was her first time dancing in the circle. I think maybe it’s better to write about such things so they aren’t forgotten. However, I do feel less guilty having watched it knowing it was made with the young ladies permission. Congratulations and welcome to womanhood!

  • Avatar for chrisTnAtion



    This was one of THE MOST powerful short movies I have ever had the honor of watching and witnessing. My tears flowed and I am grateful for the trusting willingness to share. Thank you to All who participated in this, the past and who will in the future.
    Blessings, from a fellow Female of a different skin

  • Avatar for Anna Grabill

    Anna Grabill


    Yes I feel that if we don’t share our culture and traditions with the mainstream population, they will disappear and we will become a footnote in history. I’ve been told by Caucasians that they didn’t know there were any natives left.

  • Avatar for Lisa M

    Lisa M


    This very sacred ceremony should NOT be shared like this. Leave our tradition alone. Nons do not need to see this. There are some things that should be ours & ours alone. Pretty soon you’ll be showing Sundance too…
    Very, very sad you felt the need to post this…out of respect for Nde’ people, please take it down.

    • Avatar for Paul G

      Paul G


      The tribe produced this video to be shown to the public.

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