Michelle McCauley (Paiute) – Powwows.com Dancer Profile

Michelle McCauley (Paiute) – Powwows.com Dancer Profile

Posted By Charlie Ballard June 21st, 2018 Last Updated on: June 21st, 2018

Its wonderful to meet powwow dancers because its always interesting on how they ended up in the powwow dance arena.

Everyone meet Michelle McCauley (Paiute), from Wadsworth, Nevada.

Originally  she danced in her Traditional Paiute Buckskin and didn't switch to fancy dancing until she was 21.  Now a seasoned dancer on the powwow circuit, she was recently featured in her first spotlight dance special.

When Michelle isn't on the powwow trail, she works as an Elementary Music teacher and Zumba fitness instructor.

Lets get to know Michelle!

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  1. I am in desperaate need to feel the spirit of my people past and need a pow wow to say the least. I was known as Quiet hawk, Lakota Sioux a long time ago, I am in the Pocono Mountains can you please tell me of anything close by for I have been out of touch for Very Long time.

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