My Favorite Moments From Gathering of Nations Pow Wows

My Favorite Moments From Gathering of Nations Pow Wows

Posted By Paul G July 6th, 2020 Last Updated on: July 6th, 2020

I attended my first Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in 2004.  Since then I have been blessed to attend each year.  Starting in 2009 I have streamed them for PowWows.com and Gathering of Nations committee.

Over these years I have seen some amazing moments at the Pow Wow.  

Have you been to Gathering of Nations? 

What were some of your favorite moments?

Watch the video below to see my lists of favorite memories.  Scroll further down for the individual videos of each moment.

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Cecile Rice

What does the bowed head signify in the ladies dancing? I’m not Indigenous but my adopted daughter is from the Northern Alberta Cree nation

Running Doe

Love the Gathering of all nations, I got to go one time back in the 80s, I really love It and enjoyed it so much, really miss getting to go, again,


I must have some kind of Indian in me, this intrigues me so much and your culture is fascinating. Thank you for the honor of me learning it.

Annie M.

My first Gathering of Nations was also my first Pow Wow,1984. Jingle dancers! And any dance where the dancers cut loose and fly and swoop.
My current favorite is Laura Grizzlypaws. She truly is the bear.



Karen Klinck

Dear Paul,
After a recent medical attack (I don’t need no stinkin’ COVID; I can come up with enough stupidities on my own.) I realized I have to make a decision regarding the thousands of books that I own. (I was lucky this time; next time I may not be.) I’d like to contribute them to one of your poorest areas. My reasoning is simple: a book can go anywhere. It doesn’t need electricity or an internet connection, nor do you need to be in just the right spot for a satellite. It can be read by sunlight, moonlight, an oil lamp or a campfire. It travels in a saddlebag or a back pocket. And anyone can enjoy it. If you know someone, I shall be very pleased. I’ll send them by dribs and drabs (I’m not rich, and I’m on a fixed income. But I know some tricks…


I thought my first powwow was just loving the moments with other tribes. But taking my grandson was the best, he has been on cloud 9. Now he’s so interested in learning more about the Native American, more so our tribe Cherokee. Hopefully we will be able to at least attend two PowWows soon, and make that trip to Okla.

aurelia phillips

My memory is over 50 years ago – in Anadarko, Oklahoma…….at night in an arena I saw tribes from all across America……..the Elk dance – man with antler headdress, rutting and using head movements to mimick the elks……there was a dancer with feathers on his arms, dropping one arm to the ground to imitate the movement of a grouse, feigning a broken wing to lead prey away from the nest. Each dancer became the animal they imitated……..it was stunning and I so wish we could see more of that. I love the colorful costumes, but these dancers are the ones who represented the best of US!!


Fantastic! If only I had sound! Have no one to to help since my stepson died, he was the computer expert around here. Shouldn’t be sitting at computer anyway due to health issues, sigh. A few hundred years ago (joke) I used to belong to a troupe of American Tribal Belly Dancers…this dancing was based on Egyptian and North African tribal dancing. The style originated in San Francisco area, I believe over 20-30 yrs. ago. We also did Hawaiian hula dancing. Dancers love to watch dance events!!! THIS EVENT IS BEAUTIFUL!

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