Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Trip to Gathering of Nations

Arrive Early, Stay Late

Over 150,000 visitors each year!  You have to plan ahead to get around this crowd!

Gathering packs in a lot into two days.  It's really a 4 day Pow Wow jammed into two days!

Lines form early to get in the door.  But you can skip some of those lines by buying your tickets online in advance!  Look for ticket special in January of each year.

But then you have to be ready to stay late!  The best dancing and events happen late!  Friday night features the Midnight Special.  Saturday night doesn't get going good until usually after 10pm.


Be Patient

Come to Gathering knowing that you are going to have to wait in lines!  Lines for the bathroom, lines for food, lines to get in the door, lines to buy your t-shirt.

Don't let the lines stress you!  You're at Gathering, relax and have a good time.

“Look to the Person on Your Right, Shake Their Hand”

There are more Native people at Gathering than you'll find just about anywhere.  Don't be shy, introduce yourself to others.  Lots of new friends to meet.  You may even find a new business partner or find your spouse!


Listen to the MC's

Get a program book to get an idea of the schedule.  But then pay attention to the MC's.  There are always dozens of things that happen at Gathering that are just announced by the MC's.  Plus these guys are the best in Indian Country.  I promise you'll have a few laughs with this MC crew.


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