2013 Gathering of Nations Drum Groups

By Paul G on April 26, 2013
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Below are the 36 drum groups competing at the 2013 Gathering of Nations.

Watch these drums compete live!

  • White Tail
  • Thunder Hill
  • Young Bear
  • Iron Boy
  • Rock Hill
  • North Bear
  • Midnite Expres
  • Poundmaker
  • Young Buffalo Horse
  • Black Stone
  • Young Spirit
  • Comanche Thunder
  • Catching Eagle
  • The Horses
  • Arapaho Nation
  • North Buffalo
  • Cozad
  • Whitefish Bay Singers
  • Callin Eagle
  • Rocky Boy Agency
  • Wooden Face
  • Nine Forty
  • Yellow Jacket
  • Cathedral Lakes
  • Sixx Point
  • Warscout
  • Red Bear
  • Buc Wild
  • Bear Nation
  • River Cree
  • Lonebear
  • Crazy Spirit
  • Black Eagle
  • New Era
  • Hail Creek
  • Southern Style

Hand Drums

  • AC-DC
  • Frank “Sonny” Eagle Speaker
  • Eric Watchman
  • Poundmaker
  • Nakoa Heavy Runner
  • Eagle Rib
  • The Isaac Brothers
  • Cree Confeds
  • Ethan Wallanee
  • Young Buffalo Horse
  • Buff and Stuff
  • Midnite Express
  • Bear Nation
  • River Cree Singers
  • Cathedral Lake
  • North Bear
  • Waskewitch Family
  • Magic Mikey Sioux
  • Butch and Tone
  • Young Spirit

Watch these drums compete live!

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3 Responses to “2013 Gathering of Nations Drum Groups”

  1. Darlene yazzie says:

    Your website keeps freezing trying to watch gathering of nations

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