Saturday Night Best – Gathering of Nations Pow Wow

Posted By Paul G May 10th, 2015 Last Updated on: March 20th, 2017

Saturday night at the Pow Wow, time to put on your best.  The dancers always save their new beadwork or their new outfit.  Even the Emcees, Arena Directors and spectators bring out their Saturday Night Gear!

Here are a few photos from Saturday Night at 2015 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow.



Head Man Dancer Jaquin Hamilton


Miss Indian World Host – Jason Whitehouse


Roving Emcee – Larry Yazzie


Emcee – Ruben Littlehead


PowWows.com Bling – I had some special beadwork for Saturday night too!


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All Powwows and Song and Dance events I went to were all special to me. Every event was remarkable to me because the way people come together, and tell the stories of our creations. The songs and dances were made for every good and humble ways of our culture. We dance and sing, and we are different in good ways. Chi Miigwech to everyone who taught me who taught me how to sing a dance!

ann backman

love these pow wows, went to quite a few in Santa Fe NM, and enjoyed the adults and the children were awesome, love the photos you put on Facebook, just say i love all Native American creations i dont know if i have native blood was told i had Cherokee either way i like everything


we found that we have native blood on both side of our family i want to learn lroquois and mosie language where do i go to get help for it what do i look up on and we want to get our card to it is so hard to get it i am from canada from nova scotia and new brunswick but i live in calgary alberta it is so hard to get it when you are not from calgary alberta

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