2023 Gathering of Nations Videos

2023 Gathering of Nations Videos

North America’s Largest Pow Wow
April 27-29, 2023
Powwow Grounds Expo New Mexico/Tingley Coliseum
Albuquerque, NM, U.S.A.

Gathering of Nations Videos

Playlist: 2023 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow

The Gathering of Nations (GON) is a three-day event: April 27-29, 203 (Thursday – Saturday).

The Miss Indian World Talent Presentations is held at the Kiva Auditorium located at the Albuquerque Convention Center (Downtown Albuquerque) that kicks off Thursday evening; where young Native American Women represent their Native American and Indigenous people as a cultural goodwill ambassadors. A Young Native American Woman will be crowned Miss Indian World, Saturday, April 27th after the Evening Grand Entry in Tingley Coliseum/EXPO NM in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

The Gathering of Nations Pow Wow itself is a two-day event where the GON experience is for all people (Indian and Non-Indian) to see colorful Native American Pow Wow dancing, to hear the songs and become enlightened with emotional happiness! This will take place inside Tingley Coliseum and the other activities will be on the Powwow Grounds at Expo NM (NM State fairgrounds).

Over 3,000+ indigenous/Native American/Indian dancers and Singers representing more than 500+ tribes from Canada and the United States come to the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow annually to participate socially and competitively. Included with the price of a Gathering of Nations Pow Wow Admission are the Indian Traders Market and Stage 49.

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