Indigenous Boy Cuts Hair After Bullying

Indigenous Boy Cuts Hair After Bullying

Posted By Paul G March 12th, 2018 Blog

This indigenous boy cuts his hair due to bullying — but now he's trying to help other kids open up!

From CBC:

A young First Nations boy from Cold Lake, Alta., cut his long hair Saturday after enduring what his family called years of bullying in school.

Mylon McArthur, 8, told his mother Tiya-Marie Large he wanted to cut his hair, which had been long all his life, after feeling overwhelmed from constant bullying at Cold Lake Elementary School.

“He told me he did not want his hair anymore,” said Large. “I cried. His hair is who we are, it's a part of us, it's his language, it's his pride.”

Despite not wanting him to cut his hair and “let the bullies win,” she spotted the opportunity to raise awareness about cultural racism and bullying.

“My son is a very loving, capable, caring person,” said Large. “He was bullied every day, every recess, every out-of-day school program session. He was always sad, he didn't want to go to school. This was affecting his well-being.”

Friday, Mylon and his mother made a video and posted it to Facebook to bring awareness to the significance of long hair in Indigenous cultures.

In the video, Mylon holds up white paper cards with words written on them for his bullies: “You do not define me. You did not beat me. I am not weak. It's OK to have long hair.”

“We told Mylon he was brave, strong and handsome. That we were so proud of him,” said Large.

The video quickly caught on, with more than 51,000 views since being posted. Despite the response, Mylon still chose to cut his hair, said Large.

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11 thoughts on “Indigenous Boy Cuts Hair After Bullying

  1. maria smith says:

    This remind me when my son was 2 years o!d. I have never cut his hair. Being of Cherokee and Lumbee decentants. I was letting my son hair grow long .I had always felt, that boys, young men, and old men should let their hair grow long and always knew they are handsome with long hair. Told my family and husband (German), family , do not cut my son hair or any of my children hair. My husband mother with her German background thought she can do as she like cause this is her son and she is the control of the family. What she fail to understand, is that she can control her family anyway she like as LONG as it don’t interfere with mine. Went to work one day , came home and my 2 year son had a GI hair cut, his beautiful black hair was gone. My son didn’t look the same, I went right to my husband mother home and she and my husband was sitting on the sofa, I look at him (coward) and his mother(smiling in my face). Ask them way they did not repect my wishes. Husband kept quite, his mother said ” my baby boy look like a homosexual with long hair”. I walk right up to her face and told her”you ever cut my son hair again, I have the police on you and put in Newspaper your an child abusier. What she said to my young son at that age, and his father went along with it, my son refused to let his hair grow long. It was years later my son told me why he didn’t want his hair to grow long. His grandmother threaten him and that she would never see me again and his father back his grandmother up. He hated his father for not standing up to his own mother. This boy reminded me of my son don’t at that age. How,x even today people makes one feel guilty for being an True Native of these Americas. People today make these young Natives for Bing who they are. That’s why are history of what’s left is dieing out. That soon, the True Natives (Indians), will be gone, disappeared, Legends gone. All because of hate.

  2. I do believe that person of any race has the right to wear his or her hair the length you want. It’a crime to bully any person in this world

  3. Ken Zeleny says:

    Mylan is a brave young man and I totally respect his decision. It is tragic that being so bullied he felt compelled to do so.

  4. Rhonda says:

    I am so sad to hear this story 😞 It hurts me that that happened to your son. I have always loved and respected Native American Indians. Very strong and proud and loving people. And I am so sad he chose to cut his hair , but I understand he must have had enough . You tell him to pray for those bullies. And one day they will regret there actions and words to him. But they can never take those words they spoke back. Hopefully other kids around will learn from there mistakes. My heart goes out to your son.. and I will also pray for him. With God he can turn something bad into something good. You are a mother who does not deserve to see your son hurt. And neither does he. 😞 I pray your son will find friends who love and respect him for who he truly is.

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