“The man behind the beadwork” – Brodie Sanchez Shoshone-Bannock Beadwork Artist

Posted By Brodie Sanchez March 11th, 2018 Blog

It takes a tribe to raise a child….

As I read these words a thousand flashbacks from my childhood and adolescent years go racing through my mind and a strange mixture of emotions overtakes me and I ask myself how did I get here? 7 months ago, I was checking myself into North West Indian treatment Center in Elma, WA with a suitcase filled with beading supplies and not much else. Now my life in recovery is taking me places I could only dream and the beadwork that had saved my life so many times before was now growing into something beautiful as though it was a direct reflection of my own spiritual growth.

The life of a beader defiantly wasn’t my first option as a career path, but in this day in age with the internet pretty much killing small local business and the current job market low on the reservation. I found myself working at McDonald's as a last resort for a job in early 2017. After working the grill for few weeks, it was payday. To my surprise, the check was incredibly small, and it was right then and there I said no more. No more working hard for nothing, my life was unfulfilled I had no career, no college degree, no money and defiantly no plan to get out of my situation. So that day I went home and beaded through the day into the night finishing up a medallion. I sold it the next day on Instagram and called McDonald’s to quit, I wish I could say after that life was great, but the reality of the matter was the success wouldn’t come easy and in my on-going battle with addiction I was losing the game for my life.

Rehab was where I really found myself and healthy ways to cope with the past issues I had been avoiding for so long. For the first time in my life I was in complete balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The first project I beaded after graduating rehab was Sitting Bull, it was my way of saying to the world that “This is me and I will continue to fight”. The emotional heartache from the dark times in my life mixed with good thoughts and prayers is what I put into my art as though a part of me will forever be connected is a humbling feeling as an artist. And like many of the greats artist before me, I hope my work will continue to inspire other artists for years after to come.

In my blog posts, I’m going to take you through the world of a beading artist, share tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years and talk in depth about the aspects of beading culture. you can see more of my beadwork on Instagram: Shoshonisanchez07 or by following this blog. Comment below your beading questions.

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6 thoughts on ““The man behind the beadwork” – Brodie Sanchez Shoshone-Bannock Beadwork Artist

    • Brodie Sanchez says:

      Thank you jonell sorry for the late response but your words are very much appreciated.

  1. Brodie Sanchez. Ate you or ancestors from relocation in NM or AZ when the name Miller and Sanchez were interchanged? Adoptions occurred. And possible relative Miller was actually the last Jackson who survived Brazos in TX?

    • Brodie Sanchez says:

      I don’t believe so, but you never know could be possible. thank you

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