Gathering of Nations No Longer At The Pit

Posted By Paul G May 4th, 2016 Last Updated on: May 5th, 2016

KOB in New Mexico has reported that the University of New Mexico has cancelled the contract.  The University will no longer host the Pow Wow in the arena known as The Pit or the WisePies Arena.

According to the University:

“The decision is both financial and operational.  At a time when the University is facing tough budgetary constraints, hosting the PowWow had become prohibitively costly to our athletic department, as well as risk services, police and security, and other university operations.”

A spokesman for the University stated that Expo NM is interested in hosting the event.

Gathering of Nations committee, according to KOB, remained committed to the Pow Wow remaining in New Mexico.

UPDATE – 5/5/2016

Please read the press release from the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce.

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There are so many things wrong with this Pow Wow. It use to be fun in the beginning. We had many Inter-Tribals but it got to be fewer & fewer as time wore on. Yes, it’s unfair to dancers look at how many have gone there! I am a dancer & have been dancing there for years before I stopped going. I don’t like unfair few win money. We all came from far distances to dance there. We should all be payed daily money for being there. the same goes for the drums-every day. It should be a three day Pow Wow not two. We use to have couples dancing-Oklahoma Two Step & Rabbit dances. We use to have more special dances from the Aztec dancers & Smoke dancers. It’s really boring just sitting around waiting to dance. Let all the dancers dance! I have more to say but the Pit was too crowded & hard concrete ruins a dancer’s knees! I prefer it to be outside & in a warmer time of year-May. I am so glad that the Pit won’t have the Gathering anymore. I hated those long stairs going up & down them!


I took my 10 year old son to GON. It was a two hour drive, and the ticket was kind of expensive, but less than a UNM soccer game.

I grew up in New Mexico, but I’m a Canadian Indian, and the opening singer/dancer was from my tribe in Canada. It is the first GON I’ve ever been to, and it was amazing.

Seeing all of those dancers on the floor during the grand entry blew my mind.

I’ve done many sweat lodges, but I’ve never been a pow-wow(er) and this experience might change that. I hope New Mexico pulls it together and keeps GON.

In terms of racism, it exists everywhere, and we can be pretty sure that at least New Mexico won’t swing for trump, which I can’t say about my birth state of Kansas.

kenn j

the pow wow wasnt fair to all who competed,the flier lied


It is a show. Natives and non natives, should pay the ticket price. It would be like george lopez, all hispanics free!! Come on!

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