Connecticut Native American Tribes

Posted By Paul G July 29th, 2011 Last Updated on: July 29th, 2011

Lynn Malerba (Chairwoman ) Address Uncasville CT 6382 Website: http://www.mohegan.nsn.us
Michael J. Thomas (Chairman) Address Mashantucket CT 6338 Website: http://www.foxwoods.org

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Linda Duffy

I was told a young age that my great Grandmother was half Nehantic indian from Cresant Beach, Niantic, CT. My Grandmother showed me pictures and told me stories of the Indians fishing and drying fish @ Rocky Neck beach. There is a cemetery in Niantic by the elementary school where the Indians from that tribe are buried. Through the years the stones have sunk and cracked. I don’t know who to contact to preserve and honor these graves. There is a large granite stone that states that within the Christian cemetery it is a official burial ground for the Nehantic Indians. One of the names on the stones is Nonsuch. On the Hill at Cresant Beach park is a stone and well to honor an Indian Princess. I don’t know who to contact to help preserve these graves and stones. They are from the 1700’s to the 1800’s. My great grandmother is buried in the same cemetery but separated from the full blooded tribe members. I have watched over the stones through the years and hate to see them disappear. Please notify me if anyone can help or has any ideas on who I can speak to, to preserve these graves and their history. I am proud of my ancestors and their way of life. My Great Grand mother was a healer, midwife and a spiritual leader by Niantic Bay. I am a spiritualist and go to the same meeting house my Great grandmother was a member of in Niantic. I am who I am because of Ann E. Tallman Brown, my Great Grandmother. Thank You, Linda Duffy

Frank Flanagan

Hi Linda, I am making a Facebook page to honor the Nehantic Indians, but I could really use your help. Please contact me ASAP…Frank Flanagan ๐Ÿ™‚

pat farghaly

We are related to Anna Tallman Brown also from there.

Patricia J Farghaly

Frank did Linda ever get back to you. I am also a relation. To Annie Tallman Brown. If so could you have her contact me thank you. Patty

pat farghaly

My Grandmother Edna Bigelow Brown are related to Anna Tallman Brown also from there. She would tell me stories and a small oil painted picture of an Indian Princess. They came from Crescent Beach .

Sara St Paul

I am begging to apply to colleges as a senior in high school. My parents aren’t very helpful on the fact my great grandfather was part of a tribe in Connecticut, I am seeking to find out which one for my college application. Please, anyone contact me to help me figure this out. I am so grateful.

Deborah Leite

I have tried finding out information on my family for years.always hiting a brick wall.My Great-Grandmother was full Blooded Blackfoot Indian,from Conn.I want to find out more,do not know what direction to go next.does anyone know about the Blackfoot Tribe from Conn.I would be so happy to get any help !!!! Thank You


I am from CT and also told that we have Blackfoot in our ancestry but have no other information

Gale(Smith) Williams

My Father told me that his mother was Pequot.I tried to find some information about her but came to a dead stop in Prospect Conn, cemetery. She was not buried in the family plot with her husband, sons and daughter who died with her in child birth or shortly there after. The person in the office of the cemetery said she would not be in the family plot, but in a separate area unmarked common grave (a potters field) for lack of words, if she where a slave or native American. There is no birth Certificate, or adoption certificate.That I could find, but there was a marriage certificate, and death I believe. and she owned land that she inherited from the Spencers Who either owned or adopted her. Her name was Carrie Spencer and married Henry E. Smith, They lived in Prospect Conn. Any information I can find of my heritage would be wonderful, I am very proud to be a family member of a Native American.Thank-you, Gale

Nuala Wolfe

I am hoping that I can find some information via this website.

I was told that there is a Wolf clan of Native Americans somewhere in Connecticut.

If this is true, where are they located, and how would I get in contact with some of the elders?

Thank you in advance for your time.

~Nuala W.

patty macdonald

hey there..i hope i can become more involved with Indian culture. i have giving my life to my family needs for 33 yrs & always put my loves..interests & dreams on hold. im findin myself very depressed over past abuse ect. my mom was french canadian indian & french( hope i put that right )Iroqouis. my spellin sucks..i feel awful for not knowing my own heritige..always been very proud & interested but ” things ” of many blocked my investing time into it. it would mean the world to me to be apart of any culture around as possible..i am now goin to contact cousin for family tree. might as well keep this ball rolin. please feel free to advise me of all & any info to keep me in the loop. on a side note i used to donate clothin to a freind i meet at pow wow but lost touch ..now donate to battered woman shelter. i have enough for many if you have a place i can help with ! thanks for listening hope to hear from you soon ~<3~

Gary Phillips

There was so much feeking in your posting. I wanted to make sure you KEEP ON with the journey you have started. You will get discouraged. KEEP GOING! It is a SPIRITUAL answdr that you seek. Because it is, your journey will be purposefully hard, filled with doubt and frustration. KEEP THE COURSE you set for yourself FROM THE BEGINNING… feel free to call me Gary Phillips (616) 954-5280

Richard Pinsonneault

How do I find out about Native Amercian Pow Wows in Ct. Dates & Locations?
Thank You

Dawn Cwynar

Hello Richard,
I was looking for a schedule of pow wows held in our area, CT., R.I. , and Mass. thank you,
Dawn Cwynar

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