Connecticut Native American Tribes

Connecticut Native American Tribes

Posted By Paul G July 29th, 2011 Native American Tribes
Lynn Malerba (Chairwoman )
Mohegan Indian Tribe
Address Uncasville CT 6382 Phone: (860) 862-6100Fax: (860) 862-6162:
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Michael J. Thomas (Chairman)
Mashantucket Pequot Tribe
Address Mashantucket CT 6338 Phone: (860) 396-6554Fax: (860) 396-6288:
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13 thoughts on “Connecticut Native American Tribes

  1. Linda Duffy says:

    I was told a young age that my great Grandmother was half Nehantic indian from Cresant Beach, Niantic, CT. My Grandmother showed me pictures and told me stories of the Indians fishing and drying fish @ Rocky Neck beach. There is a cemetery in Niantic by the elementary school where the Indians from that tribe are buried. Through the years the stones have sunk and cracked. I don’t know who to contact to preserve and honor these graves. There is a large granite stone that states that within the Christian cemetery it is a official burial ground for the Nehantic Indians. One of the names on the stones is Nonsuch. On the Hill at Cresant Beach park is a stone and well to honor an Indian Princess. I don’t know who to contact to help preserve these graves and stones. They are from the 1700’s to the 1800’s. My great grandmother is buried in the same cemetery but separated from the full blooded tribe members. I have watched over the stones through the years and hate to see them disappear. Please notify me if anyone can help or has any ideas on who I can speak to, to preserve these graves and their history. I am proud of my ancestors and their way of life. My Great Grand mother was a healer, midwife and a spiritual leader by Niantic Bay. I am a spiritualist and go to the same meeting house my Great grandmother was a member of in Niantic. I am who I am because of Ann E. Tallman Brown, my Great Grandmother. Thank You, Linda Duffy

    • Frank Flanagan says:

      Hi Linda, I am making a Facebook page to honor the Nehantic Indians, but I could really use your help. Please contact me ASAP…Frank Flanagan 🙂

    • My Grandmother Edna Bigelow Brown are related to Anna Tallman Brown also from there. She would tell me stories and a small oil painted picture of an Indian Princess. They came from Crescent Beach .

  2. Sara St Paul says:

    I am begging to apply to colleges as a senior in high school. My parents aren’t very helpful on the fact my great grandfather was part of a tribe in Connecticut, I am seeking to find out which one for my college application. Please, anyone contact me to help me figure this out. I am so grateful.

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