Kansas Native American Tribes

Kansas Native American Tribes

Posted By Paul G July 29th, 2011 Native American Tribes
Arlan Whitebird (Chairman)
Kickapoo Tribe of Indians in Kansas
Address Horton KS 66439 Phone: (785) 486-2131Fax: (785) 486-9585: http://www.ktik-nsn.gov
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Leon Campbell (Chairman)
Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska
Address White Cloud KS 66094 Phone: (785) 595-3258Fax: (785) 595-6610: http://www.casinowhitecloud.com
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Steve Ortiz (Chairman)
Prairie Band of Potawatomi Nation
Address Mayette KS 66509 Phone: (785) 966-4000Fax: (785) 966-4009: http://www.pbpindiantribe.com
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Twen Barton (Chairperson)
Sac and Fox Nation of Missouri in Kansas and Nebraska
Address Reserve KS 66434 Phone: (785) 742-7471Fax: (785) 742-3785: http://www.sacandfoxcasino.com/history
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8 thoughts on “Kansas Native American Tribes

  1. I am almost 17 and ice never met my real dad, recently I got into contact with my aunt on my Dad’s side, their mother is a little over ¾ Cherokee and Shoshone, my mother is Cherokee and Blackfoot but we do not know how much quantum we have, I want to register but am I eligible to?

  2. Beverly Feasel says:

    my grandmother was raised on a reservation in kansas and what we know what Chiricahua,Apache I have her parents names and hers I need to find out how to register as well as how to find out what reservation I need to do that with so that I can also get as much medical information as possible she was not very open about her life there growing up and just resently found out that some of my medical issues may be genetic from my native american heritage and I wish to learn more of where I come from and the culture of where I come from on as well

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