Louisiana Native American Tribes

Posted By Paul G July 29th, 2011 Last Updated on: July 29th, 2011

Christine M. Norris (Principal Chief) Address Jena LA 71342 Website: http://www.jenachoctaw.org
Earl J. Barbry, Sr. (Chairman) Address Marksville LA 71351 Website: http://www.tunicabiloxi.org
John Paul Darden (Chairman) Address Charenton LA 70523 Website: http://www.chitimacha.gov
Kevin Sickey (Chairman) Address Elton LA 70532

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Jackie D Yaggi

Hello, My name is Jackie Yaggi. I was born in Mississippi and I remember wanting to see my great-great grandparents. My dad told me they had all died. I was just sad back then. He also told me he had never met them. They were the dark people, my grandmother said and she did not want anything to do with them. My gggrandmother was named Jennie or Lydia Bryant. She was Choctaw and she married a Sepulvado at one time. Then she married a Thomas C. Bryant, who was from Virginia. I just want to know who she was and to finish a family tree. I feel that if someone can remember her or has records of her I can at least know who she was and some of the things she faced when she was alive. Thank you very much. I hope someone can tell me. Jackie Yaggi

Sandra Pitre

Hi, My name is Sandra Pitre. I was born in Dequincy Louisiana….would like to know what tribe my ancestors belonged too…Family name is Perkins and Pitre….Thank you very much….

Patricia A Citizen

Hello, My name is Patricia A Citizen. I was born and raised in Church Point Louisiana. My mother is Letter M Citizen. She passed away in 2014. Her mother was Mary Landry. Her mother’s father was from Elton and was a pure Indian. I am trying to find out more information about my mothers side of the family. My fathers side of the family is from The Saint Landry/Church Point area. His family is part of the Choctaw Indian. I recently did my Ancestry DNA and found out I am 5% Native American Indian. I am now trying to find out which Tribe we are apart of. If someone can help me please feel free to email me at [email protected]


Hi i would like to know what native tribe did my ansectors belonged too, my grand father was from Vacherie Louisiana our family name is Scioneaux and Dempster. Thanks


Hello Everyone! My journey is leading me to the Choctaw Nation and I want to know the process of how to become a tribe member. I want to re-connect to my tribe and serve in the Native American community using my talents and gifts. Thank you!

Annie Holloway

my name is Annie when I were a little girl me and my grandmother used to talk about her family she is Choctaw she and her auntie left their reservation and came to live some where outside the reservation she told me that her mommy had 22 children and now I want to find my family and my daddy father were a Cherokee I knew both of grand parents so would you tell me where to begin I want to find my grandmother family and then my grandfather family. I am a native American just out of place. Shalom!

Jimmie Mae Fulcher

I’ve been by my mother that her father Jhon Adams, son of Anna Boon was a part Choctaw, how can get information on that.


I heard there is a Pow Wow for the Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana. I Do you have a date?
thank you


Hi I was wondering about my families lineage and would like to know if there are any active/enrolled Duplantier’s in Louisiana tribes? Thanks

Shawni McKenna

I used to live in IL and WI. I attended many Pow Wows – even camped at Lac du Flambeau. Now I live in MS near LA. Do you know of any celebrations near me? I have asked and looked, but haven’t found anything. Either way, thank you in advance for your time.
Big Bear

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