Florida Native American Tribes

Florida Native American Tribes

Posted By Paul G July 29th, 2011 Last Updated on: July 29th, 2011

Billy Cypress (Chairman)
Miccosukee Tribe of Indians
Address Miami FL 33144 Phone: (305) 223-8380Fax: (305) 223-1011: http://www.miccosukeetribe.com
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Marcellus Osceola
Seminole Indian Tribe of Florida
Address Hollywood FL 33024 Phone: (954) 966-6300Fax: (954) 967-3463: http://www.seminoletribe.com
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26 thoughts on “Florida Native American Tribes

  1. MIRALYS PEREZ says:

    Good afternoon.
    In my Agency, we are going to have a National Native American Indian Event. I’m from Puerto Rico and I’m looking for a guest speaker (through Skype, FaceTime and/ or Video Conference) that can give us a conference about the Native American history, culture, dancing and/ or any related theme about your rich culture.

  2. Margarita Locklear says:


    I am from MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, we are hosting events for November’s Native American Heritage Month. Our committee would like to inquire if it would be possible to have Native dancers come and do a performance for our military members here on MacDill. Also if there is a way we could maybe set up booths promoting crafts or even food, would be great. If I can get a response I will push this up to the head of our committee to get everything set in stone.

    Thank you for your time.

  3. I am undertaking a series of conversations with women over the age of fifty in an effort to gather their ideas and explore how they experience beauty in their day to day life. I am strongly motivated to connect with a widely diverse group of women, so that voices are heard from many perspectives. Because I have no funding for the series of conversations, I am limiting my geographic region to the Jacksonville, Florida/St. Augustine / North Florida regions currently.

    Can anyone connect me with women who are members of the Native American /Indigenous Peoples community who may be interested in sharing their perspective on beauty? My email address is [email protected], should you be interested in hearing more details before making a connection. Thank you!

  4. Hello, I would like to hire Native American tribal dancers for my daughter’s baby shower please provide me with a contact. Thank you.

    • Sharon says:

      Did you get any information. We are looking for dancers for a unity festival we are sponsoring on Amelia island in October 2019

  5. Hi, my name is Shelly. My great great grandmother was a full blood Cherokee. I hold that dearly to my heart. I would like to have some dancers at my wedding, here in Florida. I would also like to learn the dance. I feel it is my duty, to carry on the tradition. I would love it

  6. Mari says:

    Is there anywhere in north eastern Florida, southern Ga that I cam take my kids to to learn how to jingle and fancy dance properly? Their tribe is 11 hours away so we can’t go to their classes. Or is there someone experienced in the Jacksonville Fl area that could give lessons? Thank you for your time.

    • Crystal Prince says:

      I am looking to have a speaker come to my vpk class to teach about some traditions and maybe do a tribal dance or something to that effect. Located in titusville fl.

  7. Hello
    I am currently celebrating Native next month and would like to talk to someone who would be interested in coming to my work in Jacksonville, Fl to introduce Native dancing. Please contact me with more information at [email protected].

    Thank you

  8. Heather Goldstein says:

    Want to have a speaker come to our elementary school in pasco county florida, to educate the kindergarten kids of “long ago” and compare to today.
    Please email if you know of someone. [email protected]
    Thank you

  9. Christina says:

    I need to know the tribes near Pensacola florida (or cities/towns within 100 miles of Pensacola) that allow people to rain dance or do ritualistic dances with the tribe. I need the contact information and if possible, the days you can perform with them.
    Can anyone please help me!Thanks

  10. Rosalind says:

    I live in Tampa Florida and would love to see more pow wows in my area also Jacksonville Florida.

  11. Brian O'Donnell says:

    Brian O’Donnell I have been trying to bring Native Americans to our High School in Coral Springs, FL…closest tribal community are the Seminole…having a tough time organizing what I would like to be a yearly program. Hoping for PowWow atmosphere with singing, dancing, music, story telling, history speakers, artifacts etc. Suggestions? Contacts?

  12. Hi, I am a college student, doing a project for my industrial design class where we have to design and make a pair of shoes. I decided to base my concept off of the moccasin, due to its ability to allow the foot to function naturally. I am planning on designing a modern version of it while keeping its foundations and qualities. I would love to be able to contact someone over the phone that could give me informative feedback on my plans for designs and tell me a bit more about moccasins for my research. Thank you

  13. I am half native and would love to learn more about myself and traditions and dances ect. if there is some place I could go to learn more please let me know it would be greatly appreciated thank you for your time .
    your truly kita haspeck

  14. Marjorie says:

    I am looking to hire native american dancers fr a celebration. Does anyone have a contact # or referral.

    • Thomas Zermeno says:

      What style of dances are you looking for? I dance norther wife dance southers and other frieds who dance jinggle, grass and fancy

      • Desiree Kalkbrenner says:

        Sir, would you be willing to contact me regarding performers. I’m helping to organize a Native American heritage month event and I’m looking for people who would like to volunteer to come out and put on a small performance and help spread cultural awareness.

  15. There is also a pow wow in Seminole, FL every year. I don’t know the dates, but the info. is probably available on line.

  16. Judy Daniels says:

    According to the calendar of pow-pows, the seminoles will be hosting a pow-pow in Tampa in November. The telephone number for the contact person,Frank Moore,Jr, is temporarily not in service. I need a telephone number for him or someone else.


    Squardsearcer,Jim Daniels
    and Judy Daniels
    Members of the Muskogee Oakhill tribe
    Perry,FL 850-878-3695

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