Artist of the Week – Jennifer Bear Medicine (Apsaalooke)

Artist of the Week – Jennifer Bear Medicine (Apsaalooke)

Hoka Hey Everybody!!

This week its our delight to showcase Make Up Artist – Jennifer Bear Medicine (Apsàalooke (Crow)/Paiute/Warm Springs) on!!

Jennifer is a self taught make up artist who expresses her culture through make up! Her chosen medium is eyebrow art where she paints beautiful Native images right above the eye.  Lets get to know Jennifer:

My name is Jennifer Bear Medicine (TurnsPlenty), I live on the Blackfeet reservation in Browning, Montana with my wonderful husband and our 4 year old daughter. I am 22 years old and an enrolled member of the Crow Nation. I also come from the Confederated tribes of Warm Springs and Paiute tribes of Oregon. I am also currently attending Blackfeet Community College finishing my last year of General Studies, and plan on beginning my classes and trainings to become a certified Emergency Medical Technician next semester.
Her work is detailed, has a great use of color and for our powwow fans out there, she uses images of some recognizable crowd favorites, for instance, can anyone guess who this is:

Did any guess Acosia Red Elk (Umatilla) – Jingle Dress Dancer !!

Heres another great image, this couple was recently featured on!

Thats Two Spirit couple – Sean Snyder (Dine') & AD Matthias Stevens (Ute) !!

This next lady was a featured performer at the Gathering of Nations Powwow!

Thats Laura GrizzleyPaws (St’át’imc – First Nations of Canada)

How long have you been doing make up?

I've been doing makeup for about 2 years now, and started the artwork on my eye one year ago.  Last October, I created my makeup Instagram account (@apsaalooke_beauty) back when all I used to do was just regular eyeshadow and simple makeup.  I started discovering all of these makeup artists through reposts of the high end makeup brand accounts, and they were doing tiny pictures of people, animals, tv characters, nature scenes etc.  I was amazed! But then I noticed that there were no native women doing what I wanted to see, so I just though I'd do it myself!

What are you influences?

Photos taken at powwows were my biggest influence. I love watching people dance so I chose a photo one of my friends who dances Fancy shawl to try first and it came out amazing. After I posted that piece, I wanted to do more and more dancers, and everything and anything that has to do with Native Americans. It feels amazing to be able to express my culture through makeup, not just for myself but all of us.

Do you have any favorite designs?

My favorite designs are Dakota florals and the old fashioned Crow designs. I love doing the dancer designs on my eyes more than my regular all day makeup, its always challenging but the outcome is always worth it.

Any shout outs you want to give?

I wanted to thank the girl who “discovered” me and showed me to the world. She seen potential in me before I seen it, she was there when I had 30 followers. She's always trying to help me rise, I appreciate everything she does for me. ❤ She's a Native American MUA herself, check her out on Instagram! (@bijawahh) She's amazing.

5 Comments on “Artist of the Week – Jennifer Bear Medicine (Apsaalooke)”

  • Avatar for Margarita



    Beautiful, what a talent.

  • Avatar for Abby Beatty

    Abby Beatty


    Stunning artwork!! And I thought regular eye makeup took work lol Such wonderful talent, she has an eye for beauty! (Pun intended)

  • Avatar for Valerie Bickel

    Valerie Bickel


    She is a true artist. Her work is amazing. The images are so life like!

  • Avatar for charles



    these r beautiful eye makeup

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