Two Spirit Couple Dazzles Powwow Audiences!

Two Spirit Couple Dazzles Powwow Audiences!

This past weekend in Highland, California, the Yuhaaviatam Clan of the Serrano Indians held their annual San Manual Powwow!

Apart of their dance competitions, the San Manual Powwow sponsor a Sweetheart Dance Contest for couples.  The contest offers 10K in prize money for first place!

To be honest, I have my favorite powwow circuit dancers that I like to watch but after watching this past weekends Sweethearts Dance contest, I now have two new favorites! Two Spirit couple Sean Synder (Navajo & Southern Ute) & Adrian Matthias Stevens (Shoshone Bannock, Ute & Apache) of Orem, Utah!

Check them out in the Pre-lims!

youtube video by Amigo Kandu

Seeing a Two Spirit couple dance in the couples competition put a big smile on my face, you could tell they put a lot of time and energy into their dance performance because they went the extra mile to have matching outfits, their footwork was creative and they were also the most original duo out there.

Unfortunately, Sean & AD were disqualified after the preliminary round.

Let's find out a little bit about them and how they overcame adversity.

Hi guys, please introduce yourselves!

(Sean) My name is Sean Snyder, I am enrolled with the Navajo Nation and part Southern Ute.  I am also a student at Utah Valley University studying Art History, originally from Iowa City, Iowa., but now reside in Orem, Utah.

(Adrian) Mic (Hello), My name is Adrian Matthias Stevens and I come from the Northern Ute, Shoshone-Bannock and San Carlos Apache Tribes.  I was born and raised near the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation.

 How long have you guys been dancing?

(Sean) I have been dancing since I could walk.  My grandma has danced for a long time and was a big influence on my family participating in Powwows.

(Adrian) I grew up going to Powwows, both of my parents are dancers.

photo by Amigo Kandu

What was your experience like dancing as a Two Spirit couple in their Sweetheart Competition?

(Sean) San Manuel Powwow 2017 was something we were planning on for months.  We got our inspiration for our outfits from some old photos of Ute men that Adrian’s parents had.  We wanted to not only represent ourselves but our tribal identities as well.  Once getting to the Powwow we were confronted with something that took us a day to process.  The rules stated that couples had to be one man and one woman.  Adrian had to lie to the registration people because they were adamant about asking if, “Sean was a woman” ?  We knew that we would be breaking social norms for this special but we were excited to just go out there like any other couple and simply dance with each other.

(Adrian) Upon arrival I was discouraged when I read the rules which stated, “A team is TWO people only, one male and one female” .  I couldn’t believe after all the work we had put into wanting to showcase our routine and dancing ability, that this may not actually come to fruition.  But with the huge amount of support from Powwow friends and family I gained enough courage to sign our names on the registration sheet.

How have Powwows changed for Two Spirit people?

(Sean) Powwows have become more progressive and accepting towards Two Spirit individuals.  We have a lot of Two Spirit friends who Powwow across the country and Canada.  Based on my experience I still see a lot of homophobia within the Powwow community but just as greater society has grown so has our Powwow community.  There is still a long way to go for understanding of Two Spirit identities and how we can engage in our own cultural activities without prejudice.

(Adrian) In the last 10 years the acceptance of Two Spirit people in the Powwow arena has grown to become more open and accepting in certain regions of the United States and Canada.  I’ve always believed that when you enter the dance arena thats been blessed through grand entry prayer, then you as a dancer must uphold a level of respect to the style of dance in which you choose.

Any advice you'd like to give the younger Two Spirits entering the Powwow arena?

(Sean) Stay true to yourself and do not be afraid, we have both grew up in small towns, dealing with bullying and isolation.  In the dance arena we have found an outlet for our self expression, so find out what makes you happy and go dance.

(Adrian) I want people, the young and old to see that LGBT people already exist in the arena.  There are times of prejudice that we will endure but remain true to the values and teachings that this arena holds and it will only further the level of dignity and equality that Two Spirit people deserve.

Statement from San Manual Pow Wow Committee


The San Manuel Pow Wow invites all peoples to enjoy its celebration and take part since its beginnings 23 years ago.

The Sweetheart Competition has been an ongoing event with the San Manuel Pow Wow for much of the pow wow’s history.  This competition has been guided by rules that were created by tribal elders who are involved in the broader Pow Wow circuit and are established with the utmost respect to the Traditional ways.

We understand and acknowledge that same-sex couples are valuable members of the world community and harbor no negative thoughts or opinions against any same sex couples what so ever.

It’s often difficult when our Native Traditional ways intersect with modern issues to find equal ground.

The Creator gives each of us our own spirit, it is not for us to judge what the Creator has chosen for us.

The San Manuel Pow Wow competition rules state clearly that being less than truthful when entering any of our competitions will disqualify any participant. This couple misrepresented themselves as a man/woman couple to enter the contest, thereby were dismissed from competition when this misrepresentation was discovered.

The same sex couple would have been ineligible to be in the competition under established rules.

Holding consistent to rules and verifying that competitors are eligible is central to maintaining integrity of the event with qualification for entry declared prior to each contest.

The Pow Wow Committee and judges became aware of the couple in question during the competition and agreed to allow them to complete the dance to honor them and their relationship.

The rules for the San Manuel Pow Wow are reviewed and updated based on the outcomes of past events. As such we strive to find balance between Traditional ways and the realities of the present day.


Our goal is to always find ways to include all of our Native peoples and not to exclude anyone.

Thank you
Tom Ramos
San Manuel Pow Wow Coordinator

As a contributing writer for, I would personally like to thank Sean & AD for their courage and reinforcing our true traditional Native family & community values that ALL are welcome in the dance circle regardless of their sexual orientation or how they decide to represent themselves, not every tribal person or tribal entity will feel that way but they certainly have the blessing of other approving tribal elders who want to see them staying happy to each other and being true to themselves.

In the meantime, I would like to invite Sean, AD and everybody else to the 7th Annual Bay Area American Indian Two Spirit Powwow (Facebook event) in San Francisco, California., a community-based event created to counter the homophobia & discrimination that Two-Spirit people face at Powwows in Indian Country.  At this Powwow everyone is welcomed, accepted & loved, unconditionally.  And don't worry about winning that 10K prize, you guys won a better prize, making this world a better place!  #aho #walkinpeace


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16 Comments on “Two Spirit Couple Dazzles Powwow Audiences!”

  • Avatar for Ron Sully

    Ron Sully


    I am 74 & Dakotah Sioux, It has been my understanding the Two Spirit people have always been with us & have a place in our traditional & todays society, they have always danced with us.

  • Avatar for Ira Kaufman

    Ira Kaufman


    Discrimination is discrimination. Stop hiding behind the word “tradition”. Two-spirit means fluidity of gender and being able to express both genders. Their dancing speaks for itself. They would be welcome at our Salt Lake City’s Two Spirit Pow Wow. We had our 1st annual in February, and plan to have our second annual one next year, 2021.

  • Avatar for Random internet searcher

    Random internet searcher


    A year later… but… oh man, you guys were soooo beautiful. I watched you 4 times in a row. Every little detail- the love, the costumes, colors, steps, timing… so beautiful! I think people will watch you for many years to come. Thank you!

  • Avatar for Running Doe

    wado forsharing, was wonderful

  • Avatar for ᐃᓇᐃᓚᖔᖅᑐᖅ



    How does upholding the White’s descrimination of Two-Spirit individuals qualify as “Traditional Ways”? Two-Spirits were honored and celebrated in Indian Country before the arrival of the Europeans. It’s their own misunderstanding of sexuality and gender that’s “modern”, and it would seem that those elders who specified these restrictions are unaware of what is truly “Traditional” in this land.

    • Avatar for GregOneLove



      Colonization and christianity is responsible for the prejudices Sean and AD experienced from their own people.

  • Avatar for tree



    thank you for sharing this – this is my first viewing of a couples event and I think it’s delightful. Thank you Sean and AD for the great gift of watching you dance together. It is definitely my wish that, when the Pow Wow rules committee revisits their rulings they will adjust their ways of being to include Two Spirit People.

  • Avatar for Amergin Ó Kai

    I have to wonder whether the “male” and “female designations refer to contestants’ sex or gender? If the former, is someone going to check between anyone’s legs to verify that their sex and gender are the same? Which of those realities are the Traditional ways?

  • Avatar for Brenda Quinn

    Brenda Quinn


    Why is video unavailable?

    • Avatar for Paul G

      Paul G


      Try again, it is working for me.

  • Avatar for Jeanette Coffey

    Jeanette Coffey


    I wud’ve chose them for 1st Place.

  • Avatar for Kaleolani Manawaiopuna

    Kaleolani Manawaiopuna


    Your routine and matching outfits were beautiful. I was certain you guys made it to the top 10 or even champions.
    It’s disappointing to find out you were disqualified by rule that needs updating. I hope this will change in the future.
    You were champions in my eyes and Mahalo Nui for paving the way for others who are afraid to be themselves.
    In a world of adversities we need to support, respect, love, and have compassion for one another.
    Malama Pono and Much Aloha. 🌺

  • Avatar for Aiden



    Two spirit means they’re both male and female… therefore they didn’t lie on the form/sign up sheet. Discrimination (no matter how polite) is still discrimination….. you will be welcomed at baaits

    • Avatar for D



      What I learned many decades ago, was that Two Spirit was a person who straddled the line of both genders fluidly, that they were both and not one or the other. I’ve observed now in some Native communities and newsletters like this, that the meaning seems to include homosexuality which is not the same but simply an attraction to someone of the same sex.
      Has the meaning changed over the last 30 years in Native communities to include anyone from the LGBQT community?
      Asking because I like to keep up with cultural changes in the world. Thanks~

  • Avatar for Sandy



    Two Spirit people should be honored and not barred from competing. I think the committee is wrong to place such limitations on the sex of the dancers. Look at their joy and energy. Look at their love and strength. Look at their courage and see that the committee was wrong to limit the definition of a couple. I applaud them for doing this and hope that it will open the eyes of many people to learn to accept others without judgement.

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