A Tik Tok Video Brings Arapaho Man Fame and Fortune

Posted By BrittanyLCerny October 26th, 2020 Last Updated on: October 26th, 2020

Nathan Apodaca, AKA Doggface42, is a part Mexican, part Northern Arapaho man whose video recently blew up Tik Tok and showed the kindness that people have in their hearts. 

What is he famous for?

Apodaca created a Tik Tok video of himself oh-so-casually gliding down a highway on his skateboard while drinking a bottle of Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry juice…with Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams song in the background. 

Pretty random! But a heartwarming story to say the least…

Apodaca, who had been skateboarding as his means of transportation when his car stopped working and living in an RV with no running water, has received thousands of dollars from fans to help him out, which shows humanity is still going strong in 2020. 

Not only that, but Ocean Spray has bought him his very own truck adorned with a paint job that looks very Ocean Spray-esque. Along with what looks like a lifetime supply of the juice itself! 

Check out our interview with him:

What is Doggface420 going to do with his fame and fortune? 

Keep making videos, of course! And save money to improve his living situation, as well as give some to his mother. 

“It's crazy. I don't know how many donations are gonna keep coming in but, like I said, it's a blessing in itself,” he said at the time. “I wanna give my mom a little bit, for sure. So right now I know I'm gonna give her $5,000,” (TMZ). 

If you visit his Tik Tok page, Doggface420 has videos of himself riding to other popular artists, such as Green Day and Avril Lavigne. These are becoming more popular now that he has been noticed worldwide. Not only are his fans already for more, but his young daughter is encouraging him to make more videos. 

Not surprisingly, others around the world are getting in on the action and have posted more videos like the Cranberry Dreams Challenge.

What is he up to now? 

Lately, Apodaca has been in the media for his other hobby—smoking cannabis and his want to create a new strain.

From an article in Forbes

Also on the horizon? White-labeling a cannabis strain in California. “We’re in talks with a number of companies to come out with a special strain that’s named for me,” he says. His publicist declined to confirm which companies, in particular, they are talking to, saying, “[We] want to make sure we get it right the first time.  So we’re just doing our due diligence and making sure it’s best for Nathan.”

In the end, Apodaca delighted people with his videos, earned some much-needed cash and transportation, and is finding new entrepreneurial ways to be successful as an influencer and creator. 

Feature image – Photo Credit: Mega/Getty Images via Forbes 

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Kelly Keller

Thanks! This is so great to see, my cousin getting noticed and earning the money he deserves.

Thank you for posting it. Every time I come to the website I learn another thing about Native America and I am very grateful.

Justin Hall

I’m a 38 year old man and I knew that my grandparents are of ( native) American back round I don’t know they’re heritage and I would like to find out what my heritage is. How would I go about doing so?

Robert Barboza

Though tiktok can be a valuable tool, I don’t particularly care to see it. They are a China co. and the are seriously suspected of this covid-19 spreading into the world.

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