The Best Digital Photo Frames to Connect Families

The Best Digital Photo Frames to Connect Families

Social distancing has been extremely hard on all of us. Not being able to be close to our loved ones, or even give them a hug because of the pandemic feels like sheer torture most days. All of those family gatherings, taking memorable pow wow photos, and connecting are things that feel like a distant memory right now. But the reality is that someday we will be able to get back to that “normal” life, but that does not mean we have to suffer in the meantime.

Hear me out. What better way to stay bonded with your family while you are apart than by being able to share all those photos and pow wow photography with them as if you were in the same room? No, I am not talking about sending pictures through Facebook, or sharing images via text; I am talking about something much more sentimental than that – Aura digital photo frames

I recently bought this for my mom and mother in law.  We love sending photos to it as they happen.  They can keep up with their granddaughter while at home.

Aura Digital Photo Frames

The Aura Digital Photo Frame collection was explicitly designed to bring families and friends together. They are extremely aesthetically appealing, adding handcrafted value to any household, and is a sure-fire way to make your life much brighter. Some of the highlighted features that make this particular frame so incredible include:

  • You have the ability to select photos, invite your family to see them, and can even include a personalized message to send to your loved ones as they admire the photos. Those little notes can really add so much more meaning that can warm hearts.
  • Though your family will be happy with any picture that shows the love between you all, the better the quality, the better the result. The technology automatically corrects color imbalances, so the images you receive will look professionally graded every single time.
  • Branching off of that quality aspect again, the industry-leading resolution implemented into these frames is second to none. You will be able to see very fine-tune details on someone's face, realistic enough to make you feel like they are there with you.
  • If you are like most Native American families, you have a considerable family circle. With the Aura digital photo frames, you never have to worry about running out of precious photo space. You can add over 10,000 photos in an instant and can keep going if you wish. The space is unlimited.
  • Are you interested in getting this as a gift for someone? First off, good choice! But also know that you can always participate in the gift setup process, which allows you to preload your photos onto the frame. So, when your loved one opens it up, they will already have a beautiful collection to start off with.

I uploaded a few of my Pow Wow photos to the frame to show you how great photos will look!

Aura Mason Smart Digital Picture Frame 9 Inch Free Unlimited Storage HD WiFi Frame The Best Way to Share Photos Feel Together from Away
  • BEST IN CLASS DIGITAL FRAMES: Instantly share photos with ease from your phone to an Aura digital photo frame through our easy-to-use app; Invite unlimited friends and family to share pictures to your frame or send photos to their frames all via WiFi; Alexa Compatible; A beautiful gift to keep you connected to loved ones
  • INTELLIGENT PHOTO CURATION SOFTWARE The Mason Digital Frame automatically crops and positions photos so that every image fits perfectly; Intelligent Photo Pairing displays related photos side-by-side to create unexpected moments of delight
  • ENHANCE YOUR DÉCOR Aura leads in digital frame design with premium materials exquisite craftsmanship and elegant styles that suit any home
  • UNPARALLELED IMAGE QUALITY Eye-catching FHD resolution is the highest in the industry and ensures your digital photos display in true color Rotate for vertical or horizontal orientation For optimal display quality automatically crops and positions photos to fit the digital framemounting type Tabletop

Photo Frame Styles and Specifications  

As of right now, there are three iconic, lightweight photo frames that you can choose from, Mason, Sawyer, Smith, and Carver (which is only available on Amazon).

  • Mason: If you decide to go with the Mason model, you will get a freestanding frame that was hand-carved from stone. It provides a simple appeal, and you can easily turn it either portrait or landscape to fit your interior design vision. No programming necessary either; your frame will automatically rotate the photos for you.
  • Sawyer: Available in either Shale or Mica, the Sawyer style adds a contemporary feel to your home. The Shale version offers a unique textured surface with a deep midnight finish. Alternatively, Mica gives you brightness, shimmer, and satin finishing.
  • Smith: Last but not least, Smith is the flagship model for the Aura brand. Each industrial frame stems from a hand-drawn pattern and was cultivated together by finely etched stainless steel. If you or your loved one admires fine jewelry or detailed construction, then this timeless design is the perfect pick.


Final Thoughts  

Photos have a powerful impact and way about them that can make you feel more connected with your family, even when they are in another house, town, state, or even country. So, take advantage of the advanced technology that we have available to us and leverage that to really fill in the family voids. All those collected pow wow photos, native American photos, and your family together sharing laughter should be shared, and you can do just that with these digital photo frames. Keep the family spark alive, feel that connection, and relinquish in the loving bonds as you look over at new images sent to you by your family members each day.

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    I love all the singing, dancing your wardrobes and the songs. My husband who is half Cherokee really enjoys watching all the videos. He was raised by his father who was a Cherokee chief. He was taught the language and traditions. I like it when he tells me what you are singing about,that each step has meaning.

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