2012 Gathering of Nations Webcast

Posted By Paul G January 24th, 2012 Last Updated on: April 29th, 2012

PowWows.com will stream the 2012 Gathering of Nations live!  The webcast is a joint venture by PowWows.com and Gathering of Nations.

Tune in April 27-28, 2012.

Head Staff


  • Sammy Tone-Kei” White
  • Dennis Bowen
  • Vince Beyl
  • Ruben Little Head
  • Jason Whitehouse

Head Dancers

  • Head Man – Kenny Pratt Jr.
  • Headh Lady – Urseloria Kanuho
  • Head Young Man – Talon White-Eye
  • Head Young Lady – Athena Bugg


  • Southern Dance Judge – Toni Tsatoke
  • Northern Dance Judge – Anika Top Sky
  • Northern Drum Judge – Lakota Clairmont
  • Southern Drum Judge – Jimmy Reeder

Arena Directors

  • George “Cricket” Shields
  • Randy Medicine Bear

Invited Drums

  • Northern Cree
  • Wild Band of Comanches

Miss Indian World

  • Marjorie Tahbone


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Gerald Tenbears MCGEE

I would like to be informed of all powwows in the state of Florida


I saw it on the web from Arkansas and the dancers were mystical and expressive!

Roberta Shohn

Did they announce the hand drum winners and if not, when will we know the winners???

Roberta Shohn

Did they annouce the hand drum contest winners and if not when will we know the results??


I have been on a long search for a medicine man or woman in the St.Paul, MN area. I am a55 year old woman with severe arthritis and I do not have much faith in medical doctors. Do you think you might be able to help me? I have been on this search for a very long time and people just laugh at me . Thankyou for reading. Katie Sauve

Martin J Kane

Looking forward to tonight and tomorrows Pow-Wow

Martin J Kane

Looking Forward to tonight and tomorrows Pow- Wows. I would also like to see all peoples help Pine Ridge,the Gov’t refused to fill in the holes to the uranium mines.
Today most all the people have tumors,leukemia,and radiation poisoning. they have asked their children not to come (especially women of child bearing age).

Martin Kane AKA Grandfather Owl

Jane Shumski

This is wonderful! Wliwni

Linda Silvas

Is there vendor space and if so what is the cost?

Janice Phillips

Please keep me informed as I have been involved with a museum for over 30 years. My Native American heritage is very limited in our family tree but my desire as an anthropologist is very interested and feel for your past abuse by many non Native Americans and Government promises broken.

Emily Leiker

You should look into tribal museums. I interned at the Barona Cultural Center and Museum here in San Diego for a year and learned the history of the tribe and met tribal members who shared personal stories. I am Yokut through my grandmother’s side of the family and the experience I had at the Kumeyaay museum opened a door with the tribe I am from. I’m know you’ve been an anthropologist far longer than I have been in school for anthropology and American Indian studies but I wouldn’t lead with your anthropology foot in a tribally run museum, it’s a completely different experience.

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