2012 Gathering of Nations CD

Posted By Paul G July 6th, 2012 Last Updated on: August 22nd, 2012

This compilation recording of Native American music, recorded live at the 2012 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow is intended to provide the listener with the complete experience from this great event. Hear and feel the thunder of the drums and the harmonious singing accompanied, while experiencing the excitement, emotion spirit, and pageantry of North America’s biggest pow wow!

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1. Jakey Skye – Flute Song
2. Wild Band of Comanches – Grand Entry
3. Bla ck Eagl e – Men’s Grass
4. White Ta il – Men’s Southern Fancy
5. Midnite Express – Teen Girl’s Fancy
6. Thunder Hill – Teen Boy’s Straight
7. Wild Rose – Teen Boy’s Grass
8. Buc Wild – Teen Boy’s Fancy
9. Maza Kute – Men’s Northern Traditional
10. Young Spirit – Men’s Chicken Dance
11. Woodson Creek – Teen Boy’s Fancy
12. Young Bear – Women’s Jingle
13. White Ta il – Golden Age Men’s Southern
14. North Bear – Women’s Northern Buckskin
15. Meskwa ki Nation – Chicken vs. Grass
16. Tha Tribe – Chicken vs. Grass
17. Iron Boy – Golden Age Men’s Northern
18. War Thunder – Men’s Grass
19. Young Bear – Kenny Pratt Jr. Special
20. North Bear – Hand Drum Winners
21. BONUS TRACK: Midnite Express – Jerry Cleveland Jr. Song

2012 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow and this recording is dedicated to the spirit and memory of Jerry Cleveland Jr. – Champion Fancy Dancer

FREE SHIPPING to US and Canada

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Ssgt. Ronald LaFountain Ret.

I am 67 do not have credit cards, is there any where I can get gathering of Nations CD’s by a check or money order,any help would be appreciated from this old disabled viet nam vet.and how much? Thanks Frenchy

Chris Palmer

Pow wow Indians Music CD

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