13 New Recipes to Try from #NativeEats Cookbook

Back in November, First Peoples Worldwide put out a call to their readers for recipes with an Indigenous flavor. They collaborated with the American Indian College Fund and came up with a collection of 13 recipes. Ancient Mayan Hot Chocolate Blue Corn Buttermilk Muffins Calabacitas Cherokee Huckleberry Bread Chippewa Wild Rice and Chicken Soup Clay’s Buffalo Meatloaf Corn Hill Soup Fry Bread Mommy Soup Posole with Red Chile Simple Meat Smoked Oyster Potato Cakes Sweet Potato Soup I was just looking for a good ...

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Hungry? Hompvks Ce – “You All Eat”

What are you having for lunch today? Check out this short documentary from Kyle Bell and get some ideas! Hompvks Ce "You All Eat" features Carol Tiger, a Muscogee (Creek) cook and caterer, creating yummy foods for her community such as sofke, frybread and grape dumplings. If you're in the Okemah, Oklahoma area make sure you order a pie from Carol! She regularly sells out at all the local fairs and bazaars. Check out Hompvks ...

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Cuddling and Corn Soup:How Natives Keep Warm All Winter!!!

Natives,it's cold outside!Warm up with some corn soup and frybread! Yummy! by Dr. Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor A chill in the air means Winter is on the way! Time for cuddling, crafts and corn soup! One of our family's favorites is a great way to warm up, while celebrating Native American Heritage Month! Corn Soup makes a great ...

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Frybread: Past, Present & Future – 12 Days of Deals

Another great deal today in our series of 12 Days of Deals. Yesterday we shared the frybread recipe of our Culture Editor.  Now you can have a book full of them! This book includes over 200 recipes!  All you wanted to know about frybread. Save 11% off this book! Buy Now! Frybread: Past, Present & Future...

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Frybread Power: A Yummy Way To Celebrate Native Heritage! Frybread Recipe

by Dr Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor Pass the Frybread! We serve frybread in place of dinner rolls at Thanksgiving Dinner. We also enjoy it as a dessert, topped with powdered sugar. It's not pre-contact food, but it's delicious at powwows as an NDN Taco, topped with cheese,meat,beans,lettuce and tomatoes. We usually make healthy choices, so we can enjoy frybread as a treat! Frybread Power!!! My Great-Grandma Margaret's Frybread Recipe 6 ...


The ‘Sioux Chef’ Brings Pre-Colonization Food to the Table

Becca Dilley / Heavy Table I keep seeing this trend and I like it! A lot of chefs are harkening back to traditional foods that their ancestors would have eaten. They are opting for locally sourced foods and going for a pre-colonization diet. Recently Midwest food blog Heavy Table caught up with Sean Sherman, a chef from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation ...

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Let’s Eat! National Indian Taco Championship

Celebrating 10 years of good eats! If you're in the Northern Oklahoma area you can check out the 10th annual National Indian Taco Championship this Saturday, October 4, 2014 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Wouldn't you like to be a judge in this competition? Well you can! Visitors can pay $5 for the chance to help judge the Indian tacos. There are two ways to participate as a judge – sign up and for $5 you can be a Preliminary Judge or ...

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Will Native American Cuisine Ever Get Its Due?

"Locally sourced", "foraged", "farm-to-table" seem to be all the buzz in the food world these days. However it seems like common sense when you look at it from a Native American perspective. There were no grocery stores "back in the day" and the land provided what you needed. Read more in this article from Food & Wine about how chefs like Nephi Craig are trying to bring Native American cuisine (pre-Columbian) back to the forefront. In summer's copper twilight, Apache ...



NATIVE AMERICAN HOME ETIQUETTE By: Jamie K. Oxendine, Lumbee/Creek Editor, PowWows.com Director, Black Swamp InterTribal Foundation PRELUDE Native Americans from the Atlantic to the Pacific and the Arctic to the Tropics were quite cordial and rather kind to guests in the home. Europeans and later Americans noticed certain mannerisms concerning a guest at home that was far beyond their own concept of providing hospitality. Even after the massive persecution from both Europeans and later Americans the indigenous people of North America were still quite benevolent to ...


Protecting Native Seeds

According to a report by KRQE out of Albuquerque, NM, a bill has been introduced in the Senate and House in New Mexico which would protect Native American seeds used for cultural, religious, medicinal, ceremonial and agriculture purposes. The proposal would permit tribes to work alongside public research institutions to encourage education and training programs preserving the purity of the seeds. Photo by Jonathan McIntosh Currently ...



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