Amazing! Check Out these Pueblo Gingerbread Houses

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center recently posted the winners of their 7th Annual Pueblo Gingerbread House Contest and the pictures are outstanding! Take a look below at some of the photos they shared on their Facebook page. 1st Place: Denise Dorn of Alto, N.M. 2nd Place: Christian George of Laguna Pueblo, N.M....

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First Nations Coffee – December Deals

Save 20% off your order of First Nations Coffee through December 31, 2015! Shop Now About First Nations Coffee First Nations Coffee is 100% Native Owned and Operated. We pride ourselves on offering an extremely high-quality product at affordable prices. What you get when you buy First Nations is not ...

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Tanka Bars – December Deals

Today brings you another great deal in our December Deals. You can save 20% off Tanka Bar products. Live Live Powerfully – Eat Tanka Tanka Bar features several natural products with buffalo meat. Shop now for 20% off their great products.   These will make great stocking stuffers for anyone! Coupon Code – TANKAPOWWOWS Shop Now! Tanka Bar The 70-calorie Tanka Bar delivers a slow, powerful protein punch by mixing two primary ingredients: low-fat, high-energy ...

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Preparing an Easy Thanksgiving Dinner !!

Preparing a Thanksgiving dinner can be pretty brutal if you're making everything from scratch, here are a couple short cuts on getting the job done without all the hassle. Lets take a quick look into the preparation that my mom put into making an, "easy" , great tasting Thanksgiving dinner! 1) Getting those potato's ready! Pretty much my mom said, "go shop for whatever you want to eat" .  So because I despise eating mashed potato's from the box I opted for the little ...

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First Nations Recipes for Native Heritage Month

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and its time to get your best recipes ready to impress your families and friends!! Here are some great ideas to bring some Native theme dishes to your Thanksgiving table. Go to their website to access their, "easy to prepare" , Native themed dishes! “There is a major shift occurring in Indian Country as Native people are producing their own traditional foods on their own lands to sustain themselves, their families and their communities. This ...

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The Sioux Chef’s new Tatanka Food Truck Hits the Streets

Sean Sherman, AKA The Sioux Chef, has been busy this past year with his catering business as well as many speaking engagements touting the health benefits of a pre-colonization diet. During one of his talks he met with members of Little Earth, a group that helped create affordable housing in South Minneapolis for Native Americans in the 1970s. They had recently acquired a food truck and thought Sherman ...

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Indigenize Your Health with #WellForCulture

This valuable resource could not come at a better time. It's swimsuit season after all! Chelsey Luger (Anishinaabe/Lakota) is a contributor to Indian Country Today Media Network and you may have seen some of her posts there under the heading "Well For Culture", where she talks health and wellness. She recently launched a website under that same name, and it aims to be a resource where people can go to find great tips for workout plans, diet and all around ...

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Quick and Easy Deer Stew

    In this episode of Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium's Store Outside Your Door, they highlight the beautiful Prince of Wales Island community of Hydaburg, Alaska. Hydaburg has a rich, vital food system including a healthy population of Blacktail Deer. After a big hunt, deer meat is canned for future use. In this episode they use canned deer meat from earlier in the year to make a quick, healthy deer stew. Da'quan Edenshaw assists Desiree Jackson in the kitchen....

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Let’s Dish Tradish!

Pashofa is a traditional Chickasaw & Choctaw dish made from cracked corn, or hominy, and stewed pork. In this video from Chickasaw.TV, Sam Johnson speaks Chickasaw and explains how he taught himself the timeless recipe by following the example set by church elders. Wild onions are used in many traditional dishes. Listen in as Rose Shields Jefferson, JoAnn Ellis and Stanley Smith speak Chickasaw and ...

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13 New Recipes to Try from #NativeEats Cookbook

Back in November, First Peoples Worldwide put out a call to their readers for recipes with an Indigenous flavor. They collaborated with the American Indian College Fund and came up with a collection of 13 recipes. Ancient Mayan Hot Chocolate Blue Corn Buttermilk Muffins Calabacitas Cherokee Huckleberry Bread Chippewa Wild Rice and Chicken Soup Clay’s Buffalo Meatloaf Corn Hill Soup Fry Bread Mommy Soup Posole with Red Chile Simple Meat Smoked Oyster Potato Cakes Sweet Potato Soup I was just looking for a good ...

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