2017 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow

Posted By Paul G May 3rd, 2016 Blog

North America’s Largest Pow Wow
April 28-29, 2017
Expo New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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3 thoughts on “2017 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow

  1. Greetings,
    My daughter is 7 years old and she is a traditional and jiggle dancer and our elder brought her into the circle when she was 3 years old. Our elder has a drum group to as well. My husband and I want our daughter to have the experience of Gathering Nations Pow Wow this coming year. WE are going start fundraising to be there for our girl. Could you tell me about all the costs while we were there, so it would give me an idea how much I need to fundraising for my girl and the drum group so we can get the experience being there.

  2. Frank Torres says:

    I am an apache/yaqui. My name is Frank wild cat (Naashdoitsoh). I am a 22 year air force veteran. I actively participate in many activities pertaining to my culture and traditions. I have my own drum, sacred pipe, eagle feather, eagle bone whistle. I sing many old songs from my ancestors, and do ceremonies, the reason I’m writing is to ask permission to partcipate in your grand entry and march in with honor as a warrior and a veteran. Please acknowledge my request and guide me on the steps I need to participate if granted permission. Aho!! Thanks

  3. Greetings…. whether I’m there or not I will be there in spirit I hope to be there in person along with my husband from the Kansas City area

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