2014 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow

By Paul G on September 2, 2013
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2014 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow
North America’s Largest Pow Wow
April 24-26
Albuquerque, New Mexico
University of New Mexico – The Pit

Watch LIVE

Be sure to follow all of our coverage this weekend!  We’ll post articles, info, photos, and videos!

Gathering of Nations Articles


 Head Staff

Head Man Dancer:
Eric Bird
Cherokee, NC

Head Lady Dancer:
Yanabah Red House
Mesa, AZ

Head Young Man:
Dale Gadwa, Jr.
Kehewin, Alberta

Head Young Lady:
Cherylyn Satepauhoodle
Hominy, OK

Northern Dance Judge
Tarissa Spoonhunter
Browning, MT

Southern Dance Judge:
Rebecca Roberts
Ada, OK
Northern Drum Judge:
Jared Seaboy
Prior Lake, MN
Southern Drum Judge:
Edmond Nevaquaya
Lawton, OK

Arena Directors
Randy Medicine Bear –
Loveland, CO
George “Cricket” Shields
Shawnee, OK

Sammy “Tonkei” White
Anadarko, OK
Dennis Bowen, Sr. –
Tuba City, AZ
Vince Beyl
Bemidji, MN
Ruben Little Head
Happy Flats, MT
(Roving) Jason Whitehouse –
Madison Hts, MI
(Roving) Larry Yazzie –
Tama, IA
Invited Drums
Young Spirit
Frog Lake, Alberta -‘13 No. Champs
Thunder Hill
– Weatherford, OK – ‘13 So. Champs
Eagle Mountain
– Thunder Valley, SD
Black Bear
– Atikamekw First Nation, Quebec
Crazy Spirit
– Mount Pleasant, MI
Wild Band of Comanches
– Fletcher, OK

Miss Indian World 2013-2014
Kansas Begaye
– Waterflow, NM




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19 Responses to “2014 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow”

  1. Diana Daja says:

    some of the pow wows were seen in BayCity Michigan at the old fair grounds…..Will u be returning to BayCity any time soon?

  2. wes warwick says:

    How do I get tickets to this April 24-26 venue?

  3. Sara Griffith says:

    Would like to see or know when the pow wow is coming to Cherokee N.C this yr need to know when and how long i have to get my outfit’s together and the licenses for sale’s for this event.

  4. Aletha Fields says:

    How do i get tickets to this pow wow

  5. carole says:

    bonjour juste pour savoir y a til des premieres nations au quebec qui se sont inscrit?? pour la danse

  6. Mathias says:

    Hi, I think the largest Pow Wow in Albuquerque, NM is in August? Is in August another Pow Wow in Albuquerque?

  7. Dr. Ron Yepa says:

    looking forward to watching you live here in China city of Liaocheng. Hoping to see my drum group there (Zotigh) Greetings to you and thank you for having this live broadcast.

  8. Rebecca Harris says:

    What time can i purchase tickets for me, my mom and my dad on Thursday or Friday?

  9. Ray Johanson says:

    When will the “Friendship dance” take place?

  10. Veronica"Little Red FoxWomen"Remus says:

    I had a great time watching your POW WOW for 4 hours but had to leave because my computer shut down and I lost the feed. I didn’t get the code for the blanket raffle but it is ok . It was worth watching. I would feel definitely out of place with my buckskin dress being so plain and my strawberry blond hair and blue eyes, even my blood line says I’m native American I would feel out of place. My sprit in Native through and through but the looks would hurt. So watching from here is probably better.

  11. deb says:

    Are there any powwows in arkansas soon

  12. Chrissy cox says:

    Will there be any pow wows in Wisconsin or Illinois this year if so plz send me a listing.
    Thank you so much.
    Shadow horse a.k.a chrissy cox

  13. amy says:

    Went to gathering was disappointed in the attitude of the announcer Ruben Littlehead. I would not recommend him to MC. Not only that, GON is not a traditional pow wow. It is strictly contest and no social dancing. They need to change the name to GON Contest Dancing. Sorry for the negativity.

  14. Tony Givens says:

    The Gathering of Nations..a joke to us “real” down to earth real Natives. It’s a pow wow, that exploits Native American but we as Native people allow it, stupid ain’t it? We cry out over The Washington Redskins using the name, “Redskin” and we bitch loud over it, The Gathering of Nations is doing the same with Native Americans but yet no one says nothing, our Native brothers, sisters dance like for these people like a monkey dances for an organ grinder. The Gathering of Nations, exploit ALL Native culture, for MONEY and FAME, thats bottom line, it does NOT give anything back to any tribe it exploits.. It’s ALL about MONEY. Most Natives come out, some don’t even know their own heritege anymore and TRY to “out Indian” each other.. “monkey and the organ grinder”.. people, wake up, this is an exploitation on Native Americans just for money, just like the Washington Redskin is doing. I’m REAL, Dine’ and some of us refuse to be puppets to people like Derrik mattews and his crew..

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