The Inspiration Behind the Tribal Nations Map

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown January 9th, 2014 Last Updated on: January 9th, 2014

Earlier this year we showed you the story of Aaron Carapella, who had worked many years to create a Tribal Nations Map with original names the people called themselves.  Aaron sat down with Native News Today and talked about the inspiration behind his Tribal Nations Map.  Take a look at the video below.

As many more become interested in these maps wondering where their people are, Aaron hopes to have a map of all Indigenous Peoples of the Americas.  He has completed a First Nations map and is currently working on a map for the Indigenous Peoples of Mexico.  If you're interested in purchasing a map please visit his website http://tribalnationsmaps.com/ for more information and pricing. High resolution images of the maps are available at his website.

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Toyacoyah Brown is an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation, currently living in Chicago. She received her B.A. in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma and an M.A. in Media Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. When she's not scouring the Internet for fun things to share with PowWows.com readers you can find her digging for vinyl in her local record store or curling up with a good book.

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How has no one noticed yet that that is a map of Canada. Native people in Canada refer to themselves as First Nations people, hence First Nations map.


not enough Canadian tribes there buddy you are missing a lot and by the way the Natives came to Canada first

Alessio Merigo

I’ m and italian writer and I wrote town books about american natives. Now I’ m going to write an other one about Cheyenne people ( Suhtai). I need a map of indians tribes during 1600


Would like to see map of the alaska tribes


I live in southeast Alaska there are 150 different native nation in the state of Alaska. It would b interesting to see a map for them

Karen carla contois

I was just wondering if such a map for Canada also.

Karen carla contois

I just wondering if there was such map of Canadian aboriginal map also

Ellen Davis

I am very much interested in Native American History as my son-in-law is of the Miami Tribe, as is my youngest Grandaughter, who is 10 yrs old and is really starting to get interested in her Indian Heritage.My Grandaughters paternal Grandma was full blooded Miami and her Grandpa was part Cherokee. I have been interested in Indian History for years and would like to get as much as I can so my Grand would have something to study, she is very proud of being an Indian,only a lot of people think she is part Hispanic. The Spanish people look at her when she is with me, and she wants to tell them she is NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN. Thank you so much. Breanne’s Grandma

Jerry Watson

I have been studying the hypothesis that the Mayans have influenced the Florida tribes for centuries. Do you have an opinion?

Mary Burbank

Miami Indian isn’t a Florida tribe. We are from Indiana, Illinois area. I’m also Miami/Cherokee. I know quite a bit about the Miami tribal history, genealogy, etc. I’d love to share. Do you know what clan your son/granddaughter is?

Mary Burbank

I’m also Miami/Cherokee. I know quite a bit of tribal history and genealogy. I’d like to share. Feel free to friend me on Facebook.

leslie benjamin

Hi Mary,

My grandma, Marguerite, always called herself “French” Indian…but I have never known what tribe. I assume French-aligned politically, at least. She was born in Bloomington,Illinois in 1898. Seems to have no listing in the rolls…Her mother’s maiden name was “Doyle” and many of the Doyles were Choctaw or Cherokee….from LA. Despite all my research, I can’t get a clue about my Illinois native ancestors.
Marguerite’s father died as a fireman in the BIG Bloomington fire in 1900 so there are no court records left there. Can you tell mee what YOU think her tribal connection may have been? Thx for ANY input! Leslie

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