Washington Capitol’s Ojibwe Hockey Player celebrates Championship!

Washington Capitol’s Ojibwe Hockey Player celebrates Championship!

Posted By PowWow Articles June 12th, 2018 Last Updated on: January 19th, 2022

Capitol's player Timothy “TJ” Oshie celebrates winning the Stanley cup, a historic win for the Capitols after more than two decades of waiting.

“Throughout the whole year, not a lot was expected out of us,” T.J. Oshie told The Washington Post. “Maybe on paper we weren’t as elite as teams past. But man, did we ever come together.”

The capitols beat the Vegas Golden Knights in game 5 on Thursday the 7th of June, and fans were ecstatic. This was a win that Capitols fan waited a long time for.

Oshie is Red Lake Ojibwe and cousins with Olympian Henry Boucha..

“Oshie and Boucha are cousins. They are close: Oshie and his father lived with Boucha when they first moved back to Warroad.“We take a lot of pride in that and my dad will be the first to tell you that,” Oshie told NBC Sports back in 2015. “We respect the native way. We respect the land. It’s just amazing how much pride my family takes from our heritage and from where we come from.”It was during the family's time in Warroad when Oshie received his Ojibwe name of “Keeway Gaaboo.” It means “Coming Home,” according to Peter Richmond at Sports on Earth.”

Read the Indianz article here..

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