Acosia Red Elk (Umatilla) – Dancer Profile

Acosia Red Elk (Umatilla) – Dancer Profile

Posted By Charlie Ballard June 11th, 2018 Blog

Its always a wonderful surprise to run into our good friend Acosia Red Elk (Umatilla) on the Powwow trail, Acosia's vibration is welcoming, friendly and she always has a couple great words to share.  What makes Acosia so interesting is her inter-connectedness to everyone and everything.

On the Powwow circuit, shes known as a Champion Jingle Dress Dancer but out of the arena, shes a Yoga Instructor with a focus on wellness and well being.

Her dancing agility and knowledge of Indigenous philosophy go hand and hand, so as we listen in, we begin to see the world through her eyes and understand where her movement comes from, check out the video below!

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