Indian Child Welfare Act Threatens Tribal Sovereignty – Rebecca Nagle – Season 2 Of This Land Podcast

Season 2 of This Land podcast focuses on the Indian Child Welfare Act and the implications this law has on tribal sovereignty.

Rebecca Nagle is the host of This Land.  She joins our podcast to discuss the upcoming season.


From Crooked Media:

ALM – as referred to in court documents – is a Navajo and Cherokee toddler. When he was a baby, a white couple from the suburbs of Dallas wanted to adopt him, but a federal law said they couldn’t. The Brackeens’ case would have been a normal adoption dispute, but then one of the most powerful corporate law firms in the United States took it on and helped the couple launch a federal lawsuit. Today, the lawsuit doesn’t just impact the future of one child, or even the future of one law. It threatens the entire legal structure defending Native American rights. The second season of This Land is a timely exposé about how the far right is using Native children to quietly dismantle American Indian tribes and advance a conservative agenda. 


Pow Wow Life Episode 33


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