The Force is With Our People – Exhibition of Star Wars Inspired Native American Art

The Force is With Our People – Exhibition of Star Wars Inspired Native American Art

Posted By Paul G February 10th, 2020 Last Updated on: February 10th, 2020

Indigenous Comic Con, now called IndigiPop X in the United States (and will be hosted in Albuquerque, New Mexico from March 25th to March 29th), is the place to go to see amazing Star War inspired artwork and costumes. 

Tony Thibodeau, who was one of many who were inspired by this event, he went back home and thought up an idea: “He launched [and curated] “The Force is With Our People,” an exhibit that features artwork from more than 20 different contemporary Native American artists at the Museum of Northern Arizona.” 

From droids to pottery and jewelry to figurines, this exhibit has been extended until May 25th due to its popularity and to give more people a chance to experience the wide array of creativity the exhibit has to offer. 

Hopi-Tewa artist, Duane Koyawena, painted the interactive Hopi-inspired R2 that Joe Mastroianni build.

How neat is that? It moves, makes sounds, and children and adults alike become fascinated by the droid when they pass it at the museum.

Once Baby Yoda hit the spotlight, the museum decided to add him into the mix as well. 

The Disney show, The Mandalorian, has brought Baby Yoda into our world and has been a huge success and people all over the world are creating artwork, clothing, 

From an article in Pow Wows, “Many Native Americans have claimed Baby Yoda is Indigenous, and have adopted him as such because there is a strong connection to his story of struggle and oppression and to that of the Indigenous people.”

“Hopi culture is all about people helping others navigate their lives — just like the droids help navigate ships or help open doors.”

Indigenous people near and far have adopted Baby Yoda and the Star Wars franchise as their own and are excited to spread knowledge and awareness of their cultures to the rest of the world. 

Speaking of someone who is doing an incredible job at this, check out a Native artist who has jumped on the Star Wars artwork bandwagon.

Andy Everson


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Alfredo CANKU OTA Lopez

Like the music of the times, anything video has its effect on you. Some go with it, some dont, but it leaves an undeniable stain on the senses. So that being said its not us who will derive the negative, its those who refuse to acknowledge our existence as real when we ” Go with it “

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