Baby Yoda Spreads Across Indian Country

Baby Yoda Spreads Across Indian Country

Posted By Paul G December 18th, 2019 Last Updated on: January 24th, 2020

The absolute cuteness that this little green guy exudes is causing a sensationally positive commotion on the internet and in stores.

Baby Yoda, a character on the Disney + show The Mandalorian, has been a huge hit with Star Wars fans along with those who aren’t even into the saga.

How could you not like Baby Yoda?

The Mandalorian currently only has a few episodes available, yet people from all over the world already have created hundreds of memes, art, apparel, and all sorts of Baby Yoda products…and fans are going crazy for it.

The show hasn’t fully gone into Baby Yoda’s backstory just yet, so there are many people on social media and on fan sites projecting their personal theories. Some include:

  • Baby Yoda is the love child of (big) Yoda
  • Baby Yoda has been reincarnated from Yoda
  • Baby Yoda is a clone
  • Baby Yoda is a shapeshifter

And the list of theories goes on and on.

Many Native Americans have claimed Baby Yoda is Indigenous, and have adopted him as such because there is a strong connection to his story of struggle and oppression and to that of the Indigenous people.

Steven Paul Judd, a Kiowa and Choctaw artist, began creating Star Wars graphics about six years ago. His work is very pop culture-esque and uses mixed media; some make you laugh, some make you think, while others make you do both simultaneously.

“Star Wars is basically a story about rebels fighting against an evil empire,” Judd said. “Native people are still here even though they fought against a huge empire that was encroaching against them.”

Follow Steven Paul Judd on Instagram and check out the rest of his incredible work by clicking HERE.

Another Native (Navajo) artist who is also a stand-up comedian, Ryan Singer, has jumped on the Indigenous Star Wars bandwagon as well. He has created several pieces of art where he portrays Indigenous people living their everyday life while Star Wars characters mix and mingle.

Follow Ryan Singer by clicking HERE.

People from all over, Indigenous and not, are having fun with Star Wars and Baby Yoda. It’s interesting to see the many cultural perspectives and hear the various interpretations of the artwork. Some pieces are beautifully poignant and really make you think, while others are full of life and color and tell an entertaining story.

Baby Yoda is appearing in all types of Native art – beadwork, paintings, and music!

Check out just a few below:

And the Mandalorian gets some attention too!

As The Mandalorian continues, we may come to find out that Baby Yoda really isn’t all that different from the Indigenous people who are bringing about these beautiful art creations.

Featured image from Adam Sings in the Timber

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