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Posted By Paul G October 12th, 2020 Last Updated on: October 12th, 2020

Thank you so much for visiting! 

I’m so pleased to introduce our incredible forum for celebrating and preserving Native American culture. Our colorful stories, beautiful traditions, and rich history—across the many tribes in the U.S. and Canada are so important. All are integral to our amazing (but often complex) past and the beautiful cultural tapestry of present-day America. PowWows.com unites us in the most modern ways—both virtually and through live events—while continuing to demonstrate that “Indian Country” is all around us—waiting to be seen and acknowledged!

To keep our community alive and growing, please get involved by sharing your knowledge, family history, and experiences here!

PowWows.com is a place to experience, learn, and celebrate Native American culture.  

Our shared connections to Native American roots continue to inspire new questions and desire to dig deeper. Since 1996, PowWows.com has been the most comprehensive website for up-to-date, unique, and highly relevant content on upcoming events, educational resources, ancestry tips, and places to purchase Native-crafted goods. Through videos and links to local calendars, you will find Pow Wows happening near you. 

All PowWows.com content is FREE, but we need your help to keep it that way!

To build and improve PowWow.com, I am asking personally for your support!  By working together, we can ensure that our collective experiences are kept alive and passed on to future generations. Your donations allow us to provide valuable resources, cover more events through amazing webcasts, expand our staff of writers/ photographers and connect even more members!

See for yourself all that we have to offer. Then, take action by:

  • The first and most important way to help is by sharing our content!  Like, comment, and share on our Facebook Instagram, Youtube and other social media posts.
  • Joining Pow Wow Nation at www.patreon.com/powwows
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  • Share PowWow with family and friends!

Thank you for your support!

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Jenny Loepp

Hello, I am looking to attend a powwow. I live in elk point, South Dakota. I have looked for powers in South Dakota Nebraska and Iowa but I cannot find anything. They are either showing powwows from 2019 or everything for 2020 is showing canceled or rescheduled. Would someone be able to tell me when a powwow is coming up? Also, is there any certain attire that I should wear to the powwow, or can I buy some thing there at the reservation?

Shelley Kirsteatter

I thought my family had some native blood. My great grandmother was half Mohawk, but I wish I knew more. Regardless I love native culture and really do care about it.

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